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Seventy truckloads of meat bypassing Canada’s border inspection process since January 4th, 2010, faced NO real consequences or government action

Here’s an excerpt from the Windsor Star story from February 19, 2010, titled “Meat Safety system needs an overhaul”:

Seventy truckloads of U.S. meat have evaded inspection since January 4th, 2010 . Picture from the Keepbreathing blog.

“Food safety became a huge issue for Canadians in 2008, when at least 20 people died from consuming deli meats tainted with listeria. We’d always put faith in our system of checks and balances, assuming that our food supply was well-regulated and meat products were inspected frequently.

In the aftermath of those devastating deaths, Canadians expected inspections would become even more rigorous, yet Brian Masse has exposed a serious flaw that could cause more harm to consumers. Continue reading

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National Farmers Union Ontario wants to see the raw milk market regulated

This story, titled “Time to get raw milk out of the grey and black market” was sent to us by Pam Killeen. It’s from the National Farmers Union Ontario and is by Grant Robertson:

Farmer Michael Schmidt -- pictured here in his farm milkroom -- may have opened the door to new niche market possibilities for farmers. But the National Farmers Union feels regulation is needed.

It is time for a grown up discussion about raw milk.  For far too long the discussion has been centred on whether or not drinking raw milk will kill you, or whether it will cure everything under the sun.  The truth, like most things, is probably somewhere in the middle.  Let’s also be frank, there was good reason that government moved to require the pasteurization of milk and those moves undoubtedly saved countless lives over the intervening decades. Continue reading


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