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Ontario Raw Milk Farmer Michael Schmidt Released After Night in Jail

From Kimberly Hartke at the Weston A. Price Foundation:

Michael, Elisa and the kids en route to the police station last Monday night (photo via Michael Schmidt on Facebook).

Durham, Ontario—October 20, 2015 West Grey Police detained raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt on October 19, 2015 and held him overnight when he reported for booking on theft charges.

The Canadian government is pressing criminal theft charges against the Ontario farmer for allegedly removing surveillance cameras spying on visitors and other activity at his farm. Schmidt claims neighbors and friends removed the cameras in August. Several weeks after Schmidt called police to report discovery of the devices and ask who they belonged to he was charged with theft of the devices for refusing to turn them over to the police. Continue reading


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Michael Schmidt is charged with theft over removal of MNR roadside cameras

From the Owen Sound Sun Times:

Farmer Michael Schmidt shares a toast with farm share members at last Tuesday’s farm products distribution in Thornhill while a Toronto Sun photographer immortalizes the moment. Speculation is that authorities don’t like Mr. Schmidt’s work for food freedom, but have taken to using indirect measures such as the theft charge described in this story to try to shut him down.

“Durham-area raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt is facing theft and mischief charges in connection with cameras that were found along the road near his farm.

Schmidt, 61, has been charged with theft under $5,000 and mischief in relation to two cameras belonging to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry that had been placed along Conc. 2 near his farm.

He is scheduled to appear in court in Walkerton on Oct. 26.

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NFU will double your donations to Cow Share Canada to help legalize raw milk

With a little help from our friends... Michael Schmidt talks with a couple of supporters after being sentenced in late November of 2011.

The Grey Local Executive of the National Farmers Union has decided to support the Cow Share Canada campaign to legalize direct-farm sales of milk.

They say they will match up to $5,000.00 in donations made by February 1, 2012.

If you would like to support this cause, make cheques payable to the “National Farmers Union – Grey Local” and send them to:

Kristine Hammel,
Grey Local Secretary/Treasurer,
R.R. #3 Allenford, Ont.,
N0H 1A0.

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Health officials seize raw milk at rally

From Dennis Langlois in the Owen Sound Sun Times:

Raw milk advocate Michael Schmidt raises a glass of raw milk in a toast to his supporters at a raw milk rally at the Grey Bruce Health Unit in Owen Sound on Thursday October 13, 2011.--JAMES MASTERS/QMI Agency/The Sun Times. Click image to see more photos.

“There may be a legal way to challenge Ontario’s raw milk ban after all — just not the method used by Michael Schmidt.

That theme provides an interesting subtext to a recent Ontario Court of Justice decision in Schmidt’s long battle to open a legitimate niche for raw milk in Canada. A Grey County dairy farmer for more than 25 years and an intriguing character for many reasons, Schmidt has pushed his raw milk crusade well beyond what most of us would consider sensible. Recently he announced he’ll pursue a hunger strike to protest his legal situation, which seems daunting on its surface. Continue reading


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Michael Schmidt and more than 100 supporters rally for raw milk freedom outside Grey County health unit today

From Michael Schmidt:

More than a hundred people turned out for this raw milk rally at the Grey County Health Unit which is more than two hours from Michael Schmidt main market in Thornhill -- amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

Under the gaze of television cameras, in an act of brazen enforcement, health inspector Chris Munn confiscates a glass of milk from in front of Michael Schmidt at the rally earlier today.

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Michael Schmidt calls police because of threat from an MNR officer, and Grey County Chief Medical Officer of Health, Hazel Lynn gets a $100,000 pay raise

There’s certainly a poignant human story behind the recent events described below. As we understand it, when Susan Atherton approached Michael Schmidt about becoming a cow share member in the fall of 2006 she told him she was sick and hoped that the drinking raw milk would help improve her health — a common enough sentiment among those who seek out raw milk. Of course, seeing as how it turns out she became a cow-share member to obtain milk samples for the government, she probably never did get to drink any. So it’s little wonder that Michael was concerned about how she was doing and decided to give her a call.

Government agent/cow share member Susan Atherton/Susan Taylor investigates the barn where the cows are kept at Glencolton Farms during her undercover operations there in the autumn of 2006.

The world is a strange place, or maybe Canada is a strange place.

Hazel Lynn Chief Medical Officer of Health in our region gets a pay raise of $100,000. She now makes $275.000 a year plus expenses. For what? Continue reading


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