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One young person’s view on raw milk

Calvin Weber is a student from Listowel, Ontario. And the following is a speech he originally wrote for an assignment at his high school, and which he subsequently presented at the 2016 Raw Milk Symposium in Guelph this past January (photo below):

Thousands of people are killed in drunk driving accidents every year, hundreds of thousands of people are injured in these accidents every year, but people of legal drinking age still have a choice to buy liquor.

It is readily available, even in some grocery stores. But what about raw milk, some people would like to drink raw milk but cannot legally do so. They do not have a choice, shouldn’t people have a choice?

I think people should be able to choose if they want to drink raw milk or not. Liquor has caused many deaths, but it is still available. Continue reading


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Guelph 2016 — Raw Milk Symposium

Thanks to the many speakers, farmers, consumers, guests, and media who took time out of their busy lives to convene January 30th, in Guelph, for yet another in what’s become a long series of raw milk symposia that began not long after the infamous 2006 raid on Glencolton Farms. In this brief report, we are not going to try to cover all the great information that was presented during the afternoon, but rather to give a flavour of the proceedings.

First speaker on the agenda was farmer Mark McAfee (shown speaking in the photo above), who, together with his wife Blaine, came all the way from California to participate in this symposium and to share with Ontario raw milk producers and consumers a bit of the wisdom he’s gained running what is now the biggest raw milk farm on the continent — with some 550 cows and 500 acres of pasture. Mark is also involved with the RAWMI standards group, and he shared some intel from that work as well. A video crew from TVO was on hand to record much of the proceedings.

One big difference from past symposiums of this sort, is the low key role played by Michael Schmidt, seen above sitting in the audience with his wife Elisa, and lawyer Karen Selick. Unlike Elisa and Karen, however, Michael did not make a speech, although he did ask a question from the floor at one point. Continue reading


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Raw Milk Symposium Jan. 30, Guelph


by | January 24, 2016 · 10:05 pm

Joel Salatin in Guelph, October 18th

The Practical Farmers of Ontario are bringing Joel Salatin to speak in Guelph October 18th. Click here for details.

From Elizabeth Nolan Brown, on Reason.com

Joel Salatin. Photo via Practical Farmers of Ontario

Joel Salatin—farmer, author, activist, provocateur—seemed especially fed up as he spoke at the 2014 LPAC conference Friday. Salatin is a self-described libertarian who gets cited approvingly by the Michael Pollan types of the world because he preaches the gospel of small-scale, pesticide-free farming and home-cooked meals. (Salatin also labels himself an environmentalist, capitalist, Christian, and lunatic.) He was featured in the documentaryFood, Inc. and is prone to saying things like this from Friday’s speech: “I think that one of the most rebellious things we can do in our culture now is to spend time in our kitchen.”

“In (the libertarian) movement, we’re accused a lot of being elitists,” Salatin told the LPAC audience. It’s a charge he also hears about healthy-eating evangelists such as himself. But “the real elitists” are the people who say “we need to tell Americans what to eat.” Continue reading

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Federal government ponders legal raw milk sales — “the Western Producer”

From Jeffrey Carter, in The Western Producer:

“GUELPH, Ont. — The door may be opening to lawful raw milk sales in Canada, according to a senior official with Health Canada.

“We see possible venues in the future of producing a safe product,” said Jeff Farber, director of the bureau of microbial hazards.

It could involve a regulatory approach at the provincial and/or federal level, he added.

However, Health Canada’s official position maintains that the risk of drinking milk that has not been pasteurized outweighs possible benefits.

Raw milk sales were prohibited in Canada in 1991, but there’s no restriction on drinking it. In fact, statistics show that it is consumed by families on close to 90 percent of Canada’s dairy farms. Continue reading


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Guelph-area health unit issues pointed warning about the dangers of raw milk

From the Vik Kirsch at the Guelph Mercury:

“GUELPH — “If you drink raw milk, you risk illness and death,” is the sharp message of Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health.

With a high-profile raw milk court case re-emerging in the media, the current top item on the regional health unit’s online home page is titled Health Risks of Drinking Raw Milk.

Given that heightened awareness, the health agency concluded “we should put a reminder up for people,” said Scott Hutchison, a health protection division program manager.

“From our perspective, the concern is the transmission of various communicable diseases. Milk is a good vehicle for many harmful organisms,” he said, citing E. coli, salmonella and listeria. Continue reading


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First Cow Share Canada accredited raw milk farm targeted by Gov’t agents

Press Statement [from Michael Schmidt] regarding recent inappropriate anti raw milk actions by Government agents in Ontario:

Farm of Cathy and Paul Noble, near Arthur, Ontario. Photos from yesterday's meeting.

Government Agencies of Ontario on behalf of certain interest groups has been trying lately to jeopardize and undermine the current legal standing of cow shares in Ontario.

Michael Schmidt’s acquittal on all charges relating to the Milk Act and the Health and Promotion Act has created concerns within the dairy industry, and related Government Agencies. Continue reading


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