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Haiti seeks salvation in agriculture

From Randal C. Archibold in The New York Times:

“PAPAYE, Haiti — For months after the earthquake that struck the capital, Manel Laurore pulled shattered bodies from his neighbors’ homes, hunkered in fetid refugee camps and scrounged for food and water.

“I will never go back to Port-au-Prince,” said Mr. Laurore, 32, a former shopkeeper who was sifting soil to plant a tomato garden, referring to the capital. “It left a strong pain inside. Here the work is hard, but you live in total peace.”

His work, on a 15-acre cooperative farm in Papaye, represents a small but promising success for an ambitious program being promoted by aid workers, government officials and international donors: saving the country by developing the countryside. Continue reading

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Haitians send a GMO message of hope

Ryan Stock, writing on the Truthout blog:

Rural Haitian farmers gathered in Papaye, June 4, 2010. Many wore straw hats reading, "Aba Monsanto - down with Monsanto and Aba Preval - down with Preval." (Photo: mediahacker)

Let It Burn

“A fabulous Easter gift,” commented Monsanto Director of Development Initiatives Elizabeth Vancil. Nearly 60,000 seed sacks of hybrid corn seeds and other vegetable seeds were donated to post-earthquake Haiti by Monsanto. In observance of World Environment Day, June 4, 2010, roughly 10,000 rural Haitian farmers gathered in Papaye to march seven kilometers to Hinche in celebration of this gift.

Upon arrival, these rewarded farmers took their collective Easter baskets of more than 400 tons of vegetable seeds and burned them all.[i] “Long live the native maize seed!” they chanted in unison. “Monsanto’s GMO [genetically modified organism] & hybrid seed violate peasant agriculture!” Continue reading


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In three days, the verdict on raw milk and Michael Schmidt will be handed down, on Jan. 21, in Newmarket court

The latest dispatch from farmer Michael Schmidt, at Glencolton Farms:

Wales, the cheesemeister -- good news from home

“Wales our cheese man is happy. He just received a call that his family in Haiti is alive and well. At least as good as one can expect under the circumstances.”

That’s Wales in the picture, walking down the lane beside the barn and balancing a stack of empty plastic produce crates on his head. We’re not sure if that’s standard practice on all raw milk farms in southwestern Ontario but it seems to be what they do at Glencolton Farms…. Continue reading

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