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The art of making raw milk cheese

From the Happy Homesteader:

Curds in the whey ... where is little Ms. Muffet? Photo via Happy Homesteader.

“Cheese making is most certainly an art, not a science.  There are many ways in which the cheese making process can go off track.  This is in part because the process is mostly open to the air, and also because there are many variables.  As a small-scale cheese producer, you can follow the same recipe twice and get different results.

I have been fortunate enough to experiment with the art of cheese making, which has been both a source of great joy and frustration.  I have produced cheeses that have been the toast of the table and garnered rave reviews.  I have also produced a cheese that much resembled a rubber disc.  It even bounced. Continue reading

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Michael Schmidt, the milk crusader

From The Happy Homesteader blog:

Criminalization of food may cause cows everywhere to have to go underground!

“Michael Schmidt, farmer and real food activist, is a man to be admired.  Since 1994, Schmidt’s been persecuted by the Ontario government. His crime?  Producing and selling milk and cheese that is not pasteurized.

In Ontario – as in the rest of Canada, it is illegal to produce, sell or distribute raw milk or cream.  It is however, legal for farmers and their families to consume these products, and that does not make much sense to me. Continue reading


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