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“Fraser Health wins round one in raw milk battle”, says Chilliwack Progress

From Robert Freeman, in the Chilliwack Progress:

“The Fraser Health Authority won the first round in its case against distribution of raw milk by a Chilliwack cowshare group in BC Supreme Court on Tuesday.

But Gordon Watson, cowshare spokesman, vowed to be his “prickly, cantankerous worst” when the courtroom battle resumes on April 2.

“The lawyer for Fraser Health got an order stating that its officers can go onto the farm property at any time, without a search warrant. But so what?” he said in an email to The Progress. “Under the Public Health Act they could have done that anyway, if and when they had good reason.” Continue reading


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“Raw milk lovers reach agreement to ensure supply of bathing milk lotion”

We’re not used to getting our raw milk news from a cosmetics website, but this is what they write on the “New-Skin.net” blog:

“Their milk, however, will not be called milk on the label. Instead, the liquid will be labelled as “Cleopatra’s Bathing Lotion” and indicate it is not fit for human consumption. Continue reading


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Raw milk advocates gulp in Fraser Health’s face — Chilliwack Times

Yet another story from Michael Schmidt’s two days in the Vancouver area earlier this week, this one from the Chilliwack Times:

Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt with former Home on the Range agister Alice Jongerden, raises a toast of raw milk outside Fraser Health offices in Chilliwack earlier this week. Photo:Chilliwack Times.

[Tuesday, September 28th, 2010] “Raw milk advocates and drinkers gulped down their unpasteurized goodness in front of Fraser Health’s offices in Chilliwack Tuesday morning. Continue reading

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