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Alfresco dining — at a moveable feast

A beautiful story and picture from Gillian Telling and Andrea Wyner at Hemispheres. Here’s an excerpt from “A Movable Feast”:

Lovely photo by Andrea Wyner, from Hemispheres.

“….Ten years ago, as the executive chef at Gabriella Café in Santa Cruz, Denevan was using only locally harvested organic produce long before it became de rigueur. He’d regularly shop for the day’s ingredients at the farmers market, where he chatted up the farmers about their jobs and how they cultivated their crops. Denevan was familiar with farm life; his brother, a hippie 15 years his senior, owns an organic apple farm in nearby Santa Cruz, where Denevan worked during the summers as a teenager. (Bill Denevan was one of the country’s first officially certified organic farmers.) Continue reading

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