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“Everyone is a farmer”, says embattled Michigan “feral” pig farmer Mark Baker

From David E. Gumpert, on the Complete Patient blog:

“Michigan pig farmer Mark Baker has been under a virtual embargo the last several months because of his state’s prohibition on raising so-called “feral” pigs–essentially any pigs that Big Ag doesn’t want to see produced. The high-end restaurants he formerly supplied with heritage pork don’t want to do business with him for fear local public health authorities will come down on them. The local USDA slaughterhouse won’t handle his pigs because its owners fears regulator reprisals.

So Baker has begun exploiting the only option he could think of: taking his knowledge about pig butchering and meat curing on the road. His first stop was this weekend at a home in Concord, MA, nearly within sight of the Old North Bridge, where the first shots of the American Revolution were fired in 1775. Continue reading

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Michael Schmidt responds to criminal charges in lost Shropshire sheep saga

Michael Schmidt responds:

Michael Schmidt, arrested over sheep disappearance.

On Tuesday December 4 the CFIA formally issued a warrant to arrest raw milk advocate Michael Schmidt and three others (Montana Jones, Robert Pinnell, and Suzan Atkinson) in connection with the mysterious disappearance of sheep destined to be killed by the CFIA under the scrapie eradication program. Continue reading


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