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Fraser Health smear campaign against B.C. raw milk and Home on the Range

From Hella Delicious blog:

A glimpse inside the Our Cows raw milk cosmetics operation in Chilliwack B.C.. Photo via Hella D.

This letter was sent to the Editor of Burnaby Now, to set straight some of the disinformation that Fraser Health has been slinging about in order to strike fear into our hearts of good, local, homegrown raw milk. Continue reading

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“Go ask Alice” — controversial B.C. raw milk agister sheds some light on the Home on the Range / Our Cows story

Hella Delicious has the scoop:

Alice Jongerden. Photo via Hella D

“I had the opportunity to have dinner with Alice Jongerden, and she told me some of how she came to be our cow’s caretaker. She originally started with just one cow because she wanted fresh milk for her kids.

Unfortunately, that cow was dry and she didn’t get any milk. After a while she decided to sell the cow and get another one. This one gave too much milk. Soon she had milk coming out her ears and started sharing their cow with other people.

More people started coming and asking Alice to milk their cows for them as well, soon Alice had to ask another family to help out with caring for the member’s cows. After about a year they decided to find a location for all the cows to be together. Continue reading

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Raw milk — the Vancouver experience

Hella D shares her personal experience with raw milk along with some history of the Our Cows cowshare:

I'm guessing this must be raw milk being filtered for cosmetic use at Our Cows. Photo via Hella D.

“We live in a small apartment overlooking a couple main roads, right next to two gas stations in Vancouver BC. When we moved here one of the first things I did was to try to find a farm that would supply us with raw milk. Living in an apartment in a city without a place to grow your own food or have any access to a farm is a very precarious situation. We are fortunate to have a long sunny balcony where I grow herbs and a wonderful friend is letting us garden in her backyard this year, but food secure is something we are far from being. Continue reading

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Raw milk story featured in Country Life newspaper in British Columbia, Jan ’11



Continue reading

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“Not for Human Consumption” — story of raw milk on B.C.’s lower mainland

From Emma Jenson, writing for “The Dependent”:

Photo via The Dependent

“The lid on the jar of raw milk that Gordon S. Watson carries reads: “Cleopatra’s Enzymatic Bath Lotion”. Below it, in much smaller type: “Cosmetic Skin Treatment Only. Our Cows Share Member Dividends. Should Not Be Used For Human Consumption”.

In Canada, unpasteurized milk is illegal to distribute unless it is to be consumed by the owner of the cow. But Gordon Watson, along with a group of individuals dedicated to providing the Lower Mainland with an alternative to mass-produced dairy, has found a loophole through the development of an ingenious system known as the “Cow-Share”. Rather than buying milk, consumers of “Cleopatra’s Enzymatic Bath Lotion” purchase shares in the cows instead. Continue reading

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“The Sheer Ecstasy of Being a Lunatic Farmer” by Joel Salatin — book review

From Hella D’s blog:

Joel Salatin with pastured laying hens. Picture via Crozet Gazette

“…In October, I was also really lucky to get a loan of the book The Sheer Ecstasy of Being a Lunatic Farmer by Joel Salatin from a cowshare member when we were at the Contempt of Court trial against our local community dairy, which is now being run by Michael Schmidt.

What an exciting read! It is one of those rare books that I get that I actually try to read slowly. The last one I read like that was Masanobu Fukuoka’s book The One-Straw Revolution and I would say that in many ways these books are very similar. Both are written with the integrity and passion of people with their hands in the earth and who really know what they are talking about. Continue reading

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Decision rendered in Alice Jongerden contempt of court case in Vancouver

Reasons for Judgement in the case

Alice Jongerden, former agister for Home on the Range (now Our Cows).

From a letter to Alice Jongerden from her lawyer:


Attached is the decision of Mr. Justice Smith.  He found you in contempt but decided not to impose a penalty.  In my view, this counts as a partial victory.

You should note in paragraph 13 that Mr. Justice Smith makes special note that no challenge to the validity of the legislation is before him or was before Madam Justice Gropper.  I would suggest that we bring such a challenge. Continue reading


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