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The BC raw milk court proceedings

Wondering what happened in court out there in B.C. last week, with Fraser Health accusing Michael Schmidt and Gordon Watson of contempt of court? Well, the author of the Bank of Common Sense blog has been public spirited enough to write it all up and post the story, so we can all follow along:

From the Bank of Common Sense:

The accused men, Michael Schmidt and Gordon Watson, with raw milk, on the courthouse steps in British Columbia. Photo from the Food Renegade.com. Click image to go to source post.

“Why is raw milk such a contentious issue? I’ve gone through the big picture regarding raw milk in the previous link. But considering in British Columbia this affects a few hundred people, it seems that it’s out of line to spend over $200,000 in court fees.

I just spent a few days watching a court proceeding in the Supreme Court of British Columbia. Continue reading


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B.C.’s anti-raw-milk offensive continues

Here’s the latest missive — a ready-to-print op-ed opinion piece sent out by the government to media outlets in beautiful British Columbia, No one could say they’re not trying hard to get their message out:


By Perry Kendall
[319 words]
Jan. 5, 2010

VICTORIA - There have been several media stories over the past few weeks concerning "raw milk" product consumption in British Columbia. The term "raw" in this case refers to unpasteurized milk.

By law, all milk sold or distributed in B.C. must be pasteurized - a process that raises milk to temperatures high enough to kill harmful bacteria. This is not a new public health protection idea. Commercial pasteurization of milk was first introduced in 1895, after Louis Pasteur discovered that the process inactivated spoilage organisms. Continue reading

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