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Shropshire sheep killed, were found not diseased by CFIA; Houdini sheep in the National Post; as more young Italians are now choosing to become shepherds

No other story in the nearly three year history of the Bovine blog has generated the kind of ongoing heated debate that we’ve seen around the Montana Jones Shropshire sheep saga. Here is the latest:

The sheep in this photo is one of the 9 that tested negative, Camirro 36J, who is the 13-year mother of the sheep that CFIA claims tested positive for scrapie. Scrapie is typically passed on via birthing fluids to offspring from infected mothers. Photo by Montana Jones.

**CFIA Sheep/Scrapie NEWS UPDATE ** ALL 9 killed are negative for scrapie.

May 3: Hastings, ON— CFIA seized and killed 9 pregnant Shropshire sheep on Saturday to determine their health status, as CFIA suspected the animals were infected with scrapie. The CFIA Ottawa lab test results now indicate they have all tested NEGATIVE for scrapie.

The group included the dam of the animal that CFIA claims tested positive for scrapie, despite the fact she showed no symptoms of the disease. The mother, who was due to have more lambs next week, is pictured here just prior to CFIA loading and killing the sheep on Saturday. She was 13 years old, which is unusual longevity for a sheep, which generally live to 6 or 7 years of age.    Continue reading


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