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Milk sickens boy — factory food again

This is excerpted from a piece by Doug Schmidt in the Windsor Star titled “Masse seeks probe” from October 21, 2008. Once again, as in the lysteria outbreak, factory food was involved.

“With the local area suffering deaths and illness flowing from three major national food safety scares in recent months, MP Brian Masse is calling on the federal auditor general to investigate the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

“Breakfast, lunch and dinner have now become a risk for Canadians and their families,” said Masse (NDP — Windsor West). “It’s disturbing to think any day you can consume food products that put your family at risk.”

Masse met last week with a Windsor man who has launched a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against a national dairy company after he and his children fell seriously ill after consuming store-bought milk a month ago that was laced with metal and possibly other foreign substances. Continue reading

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