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Does “big brother” read the bovine?

Are we starting to "bleed through" into the dystopian plot of a Philip K Dick novel? This illustration is by R. Crumb, from his graphic novella rendition of "The Religious Experience of Phillip K. Dick"

Are we starting to "bleed through" into the plot of one of Philip K Dick's novels? Picture of Mr. Dick from R. Crumb's comic, "The Religious Experience of Philip K Dick".

A funny thing happened between the time a comment was written and when it arrived on this blog. This was on the story last week about the NAU and raw chocolate. Winifred posted a comment and what we received at this end included the following text:

“…Beyond the questioning, I couldn’t imagine someone forcibly taking my baby away, especially when I had committed no crime. Are the authorities being held at all accountable when such a travesty occurs?  True         s happen, of varying magnitude, and         s need to be recognized as         s.  But if an         ….is there at least an acknowledgement of the travesty and a learning curve occurring?  I somehow have my doubts.”

So we posted it, in spite of the nonsensical part at the end. Then Winifred commented again to say: Continue reading

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