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Americans, tell your Congress reps to vote against the SOPA and PIPA bills

Everyone from Google.com to Boing Boing to Wikipedia are blacking out their websites today in protest against what amounts to an attempt to neuter that last bastion of free speech — the internet as we know it — through legislation. The following is from The Online Photographer blog:

Click image above to go to Wikipedia site.

To all U.S. readers: Take a moment today to go to Wikipedia, enter your ZIP Code, and follow the link to your Congressman. Tell them to vote AGAINST SOPA and PIPA, the two bills now before Congress that would suppress the internet.

Existing copyright law, including the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), are sufficient to protect rights owners’ interests. Continue reading


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Michael Schmidt starts hunger strike: local area paper covers the big story

From Paul Jankowsky, in the Owen Sound Sun Times:

Trick or treat -- Michael Schmidt with his four year old son William. Photo by James Master at the Owen Sound Sun Times

Michael Schmidt has started a hunger strike in his latest challenge to what he calls “unjust laws” against individual rights.

“As a result of the recent legal developments in British Columbia and Ontario I will once again enter into a hunger strike as of today, to activate and encourage more and more people to openly join this battle for our fundamental rights and freedom to choose our food and our health,” Schmidt said in a “Food Rights Declaration” posted on his thebovine.wordpress.com blog Thursday and forwarded to reporters on Friday. Continue reading


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Plans to make the internet like cable TV


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State lawmakers free up raw milk; fewer parents choose to vaccinate their kids

From an editorial in the Free Press (from Mankato, Minnesota):

“Thumbs down: To the strange juxtaposition in proposed legislation coming out of St. Paul and Washington.

State lawmakers are pushing to expand — not limit — the sale and distribution of raw milk. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reportedly said raw milk is one of the riskiest ways to get foodborne illnesses. It can be fatal. But state Sen. Sean Nienow, R-Cambridge, chief author of the bill, told MPR News, “No food product of any sort is absolutely safe.” So buyer beware. Continue reading


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Microsoft Execs for Orwellian internet

From a recent story on Chase Hunter’s “American Patriot Daily” blog:

Orwell on the Beeb -- a future whose time has come?

“New World Order elites and their corporate yes men are increasingly irate with the loud clear voice of the free internet, spawning as it has, a genuine grassroots lashback against Obama White House socialism, the American Tea Party Movement. That same movement may soon need to muster it’s resources and it’s loudest clearest voices again to make sure the internet which voices the will of the American people remains a free and open forum, untainted by corporate ownership and “licensing” of websites under an Orwellian sounding suggestion from Microsoft executive Craig Mundle:

“We need a kind of World Health Organization for the Internet.”

The hell we do, Craig. You need to butt out. Microsoft does not represent the best interests of the internet, and it never has. Microsoft only represents it’s own best interests in all situations and everyone knows it. That’s nothing new.

Chase Hunter Continue reading


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