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Interview with Vernon Herschberger, Wisconsin raw milk farmer and food rights champion

Part I – Family Roots, Inspiration and Role Models 

By Raoul Bedi of the Vedic Harmony Centre (www.canadafoodsecurity.info)
Facebook : “Canadian Raw Dairy Consumer Advocacy “ 

Over the past week I interviewed Vernon Hershberger by phone and e-mail. Despite his multitudinous commitments, including raising 9 children (with one on the way!), regular farm work, and preparations for massive rallies and court appearances, Vernon was very warm, forthcoming and present in his responses and attention to detail. Thanks also to “THE BOVINE “ editor for providing some of the  questions and for reprinting the interview in it’s entirety here.  Continue reading


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“Uniting or Dividing” — farmer Michael Schmidt on the occasion of one million visits to “The Bovine” raw milk blog

Michael interviews Michael Schmidt, reflecting on the occasion of one million visits to this blog.

In the vortex of raw milk controversy, things are not always as they seem to be.

M: One Million visits to the Bovine, is this a reason to celebrate?

Michael: Yes, this is remarkable and significant within the context of a new form of dialogue.

M: There are more discussions following many articles, very often with rather radical views and extreme verbiage. How much weight are you giving to these comments? Continue reading


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If, ands, and butts, of raising goats for raw milk — Jan Steinman’s transcript from last week’s radio interview

Photos and transcript from Raoul Bedi, in B.C.. By way of introduction, he says:

Farmer Jan Steinman "kidding "around with his pet goats. Raoul Bedi photo

My old friend Jan Steinman asked me to create a written transcript of his wonderful radio interview last week on “Grow Your Own Food” radio. Here it is. It has info on the upcoming rally at the BC provincial legislature as well.  Continue reading


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