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Iowa guv and the “pink slime” story

From Bill Marler’s “Marler blog:

“…According to Mike Glover, the phrase “pink slime,” coined by a federal microbiologist, Gerald Zirnstein, has appeared in the media at least since a critical 2009 New York Times report by Pulitzer Prize winner, Michael Moss. Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has railed against it, and it made headlines after McDonald’s and other major chains discontinued their use last year. But a recent piece by The Daily’s, David Knowles, on the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s purchase of meat that included “pink slime” for school lunches touched a nerve with Houston mom, Bettina Siegel, whose blog “The Lunch Tray” focuses on kids’ food. She started an online petition asking Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack to halt use of “pink slime” in school food.  ABC News,’ Jim Avila, brought the issue to a wider audiance, and then USDA announced that starting in the fall it would give schools the option of choosing ground beef that doesn’t contain it. Continue reading

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Resisting the corporate theft of seeds

From Vandana Shiva in The Nation:

President Barack Obama's administration has been investigating monopoly concentration in the seed business for over two years. But when the President spoke on the steps of the Seed Savers Exchange, an independent seed company, he didn't mention that inquiry once. Nor did he talk about business concentration in other areas of agriculture, despite hearings held by his Department of Justice all over rural America. Photo: The White House. The photo relates to the second story in this post.

“We are in a food emergency. Speculation and diversion of food to biofuel has contributed to an uncontrolled price rise, adding more to the billion already denied their right to food. Industrial agriculture is pushing species to extinction through the use of toxic chemicals that kill our bees and butterflies, our earthworms and soil organisms that create soil fertility. Plant and animal varieties are disappearing as monocultures displace biodiversity. Industrial, globalized agriculture is responsible for 40 percent of greenhouse gases, which then destabilize agriculture by causing climate chaos, creating new threats to food security. Continue reading


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“Ag Gag” bills face tough row to hoe

From Tom Laskowy on Grist, via Activist Post:

The sort of thing THEY don't want you to see. Wiki Image Photo via Activist Post

“Big Ag is having trouble installing its Iron Curtain. I am referring, of course, to the various “ag-gag” laws proposed in Florida, Minnesota, and Iowa that would make it illegal to produce (and, in some cases, possess) undercover videos from within factory livestock farms. The latest state legislature to pursue this dubious goal is New York’s — but the fate of ag-gaggery in other states makes success in the Empire State seem unlikely. Continue reading

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Crippling trade in real food in the name of “food safety” — Bill S-510 already?

Underground sources report that U.S. food safety legislation is already being implemented. Here are a few snippets:

S510 is going into effect.  For those who supported it, arguing it was needed and wasn’t going to destroy local farmers and food producers, here is the reality.

This radio show gives detail.  Listen to the podcast at: http://www.derrybrownfield.com/tracks/042511.mp3

They are using it to try to shut down Mike Callicrate and/or people doing the same work he is, with HACCP.   He produced raw beef and delivers it fresh every day, within just hours of grinding it (or cutting, too?).  They are imposing a “test and wait” rule, in which ground beef (or other kinds, too?) has to be tested daily (sent off for tests?) and then held for test results (for days).  This would kill the business of anyone producing fresh meat. Continue reading

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New laws would criminalize exposing factory farms in Iowa and Florida

From Wayne Pacelle at Alter Net:

“March 21, 2011 | What do Florida and Iowa have in common when it comes to animal agriculture? They’ve both been hot spots, past and present, for the movement to combat some of the worst abuses in industrial agribusiness. And now the factory farming industry is fighting back in both states—and their latest methods represent their biggest overreach yet. Continue reading


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Thicke in fight for Iowa raw milk

Francis Thicke, who we last heard of as being proposed for ag secretary has recently been advocating for passage of legislation to support raw milk sales in Iowa. The following is from a March 13, 2011 story by Paul Deaton, on the Blog for Iowa:

“Where can legislators across the political spectrum find common ground? It turns out on House File 394, the raw milk bill, which would “allow certain milk and products using milk to be transferred directly by operators of dairy farms.”

In Iowa it is illegal for a farmer to sell raw milk directly from his/her farm and Francis Thicke of Fairfield wants to change that. Thicke is advocating for the bill and lobbyists are lining up against it in large numbers. Why is raw milk an issue at all? Continue reading

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State raw milk legislation pending

From Pete Kennedy at Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund


A number of raw milk bills have been introduced in the state Houses in the current legislative session. What follows is a state-by-state summary of the bills that have been introduced.

IOWA – House File 394 (HF 394), a bill that will allow the sale of raw milk and raw milk products to individuals on the farm and through delivery by producers, has been voted out of the House Economic Growth Committee and now goes to the full House for a vote. Dairy farmers selling under the bill would be subject neither to licensing nor inspection. State law currently prohibits any sale of raw milk and raw milk products other than cheese aged sixty days or more. Continue reading

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Iowa agriculture secretary candidate Francis Thicke says he will work to legalize raw milk in the state of Iowa

Thanks to Augie at Journal of Natural Food and Healing for this update:

Iowa ag secretary candidate Francis Thicke (middle) with Susan, Rodney, and dairy cow. Pic via Augie's blog

“….Here is the quote he [Francis Thicke] sent me and four others in a personal note:

“Iowa has one of the most restrictive laws against raw milk in the nation.  No raw milk sales are allowed, even on the farm.   If I am elected, I intend to work with the legislature to try to get a bill passed to allow raw milk sales to consumers who come to a farm to buy the milk. If we could get that passed, it would be a big step forward.” Francis Thicke, Candidate for Iowa Secretary of Agriculture. Continue reading

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Organic farmer runs for Agriculture Secretary in Iowa — new hope for people who want to eat real food

Kathryn Pirtle on Facebook: “Fantastic video. A candidate who is a sustainable farmer that has the backbone to run against big ag!! WATCH THIS!! If you care about real food and sustainable farming–Please support this candidate.”

From the Sustainable Food blog:The Most Important Election Race for Foodies Continue reading

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Of factory farmed eggs, and raw milk

An excerpt from David E. Gumpert’s latest musings about current “food safety” paradoxes, in the land of the free:

Michael Hartmann's dairy operation, Minnesota Dept. of Agriculture photo, via The Complete Patient.

“….It will be interesting to see how the judge rules in this case. It raises a number of interesting issues. First, there’s the old bugaboo of food freedom. How free should consumers be to choose the foods of their choice? If consumers say they understand the risks associated with one food or another, should they be free to consume it? Continue reading

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