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When drinking tea was frowned upon

From Damien Gayle, at The Daily Mail Online, a UK paper:

“These days few things could seem more harmless than settling down for a nice restful cup of tea, or drinking the wonderful brew as a reviving tonic during a hard day at work.

But pity the tea-drinkers of 19th-century Ireland where, a new study claims, the pastime was regarded as irresponsible and destructive to morals as whiskey.

Critics at the time declared that tea drinking was contributing to the stifling of Ireland’s economic growth, and claimed the habit was reckless and uncontrollable.

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More on the controversy around the proposed ban on raw milk in Ireland

Alison Lee, in the University Observer:

As recent campaigns see the popularity of raw milk rise in Ireland, Alison Lee explores why this could be an important issue

A group of chefs, food critics and farmers have recently taken on the government over its plan to issue a complete ban on the sale of unpasteurised (raw) milk to the general public. The group, which call themselves CRMI (Campaign for Raw Milk in Ireland) include acclaimed figures in traditional Irish cooking such as Darina Allen and Neven Maguire, and formidable food critics including Paulo Tulio.

On the 29th August 2011 the group published a letter in The Irish Times, explaining their position: they believe raw milk tastes better and is more natural than heat-treated milk. They also claim that drinking raw milk can reduce allergies and asthma. Although these health benefits remain disputed, it is indeed true that if raw milk comes from cows in excellent health and remains free from contamination, then it is theoretically safe to drink – indeed many dairy farmers and their families consume their own unpasteurised produce. Continue reading

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Slow Food promoting raw milk cheese

From the 3 Wheeled Cheese blog:


“Slow Food has been fighting for the rights of consumers to buy raw milk and the rights of cheesemakers to make cheese from raw milk for almost two decades, and its biennial event, Cheese, has long been a forum for publicizing the issue. This year Cheese 2011 sees the launch of a new Slow Food campaign site for raw milk, www.slowfood.com/rawmilk. As part of the campaign, an international panel of cheesemakers, experts and cheesemongers came together today to share their experiences and describe the situation in their own countries. Continue reading

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Backlash begins against initiatives to prohibit raw milk sales in Ireland

From a recent letter to the editor, published in the Irish Times, via 3 Wheeled Cheese blog:

“The Irish government intends to ban the sale of raw milk before the end of 2011. The Campaign for Raw Milk in Ireland (CRM) has been formed on behalf of a number of businesses, farmers, chefs, food critics, representative bodies and consumers. The CRM is calling for the government to cease its plans for a draconian, outright ban and take the time to consider other options available in the form of regulation of the raw milk industry in Ireland.

We believe everyone has a right to choose to drink one of Ireland’s premium products which has a rightfully esteemed place in our food heritage. Informed consumers should have the right to decide for themselves what they eat and drink. Continue reading

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Irish raw milk ban is being proposed

From 3WheeledCheese:

Photo via the "3 Wheeled Cheese" story excerpted below.

“The proposal to ban unpasteurised cow’s milk is due to a lack of understanding of its myriad benefits.

IN IRELAND, we produce the best milk in the world, along with the best farmhouse cheeses and, of course, the best beef.

And our bureaucratic scientists want to stop us enjoying that good milk, the mother’s milk of the land.

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) has proposed that the sale of unpasteurised milk should be banned completely. It does not favour regulation, it favours a total ban. Continue reading


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Time running out for Irish raw milk?

From the Offaly Express:

THE Campaign for Raw Milk has urged the Government not throw away what they describe as ‘a real business opportunity for small farmers’.

Within two months the Irish Government will ban the sale of ‘raw’ (unpasteurised) milk direct to consumers. The move is being taken despite the fact that, according to campaigners, the product represents a valuable opportunity as a niche market for small, specialist dairy farmers. Repeated attempts to convince the Government of this have fallen on deaf ears. In other countries where the product is legally available, consumption is increasing. The Campaign for Raw Milk is comprised of food industry organisations as well as food businesses and consumers. Continue reading

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EU undermines a GMO-free Ireland

Kimberly Hartke, on Natural News:

“(NaturalNews) Weston A Price Foundation, a nutrition education non-profit, highly recommends butter as a healthy food, particularly grass fed, raw butter, which is hard to come by in America. Because of the lack of availability of locally produced artisan butter, many of our members (and those they have influenced) buy imported butter from countries like Ireland, which have high standards for animal husbandry.

My own mother has been buying Kerrygold ever since I sung the nutritional praises of grassfed butter! Continue reading

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Irish celebrity chef chooses raw milk

Gordon Watson pointed us to this story by Kristine M. Kierzek from the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel. Here’s an excerpt:

Irish back-to-basics celebrity chef Darina Allen. Photo via Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal-Sentinel

“Darina Allen has been called the “Julia Child of Ireland” and considers Alice Waters a mentor. But she has never considered herself a chef, but rather a cook and teacher.

After attending Dublin Hotel School, she landed in the kitchens at Ballymaloe House, a country inn and farm on 400 acres in County Cork, Ireland.

Twenty-five years ago she founded Ballymaloe Cookery School, set on its own 100-acre organic farm. Realizing students weren’t making connections between food and farm, she created “Forgotten Skills” courses. Continue reading

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EU leaders approve GMO potatoes for use across Europe — against the will of the majority of the European peoples

Here’s an excerpt from  Geoffrey Lean’s story in the U.K. Telegraph:

Crowds gather to protest genetically-modified crops in Ireland. Indiemedia photo.

“Not just a spud, this is likely to prove a very hot political potato indeed. It is living, knobbly proof of the determination of Brussels bureaucrats to spread GM crops throughout Europe, against the will of most of its people. Continue reading

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