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Karen Selick writes to the Government re clients’ raw milk concerns; Ontario residents please sign James McLaren’s petition if you haven’t already done so!

Here’s that link again to James McLaren’s petition in which he and his co-signers “petition the Government” to allow for the legal sale of raw milk in Ontario. This petition could be an important first step towards legal raw milk. Download the file. Print it out, sign it, get your friends to sign it, then mail it to James McLaren (address on petition).

In the following account, Karen Selick of the Canadian Constitution Foundation, tells about her own experience of writing to a Government representative with a view to opening a dialog about raw milk on behalf of her clients Michael Schmidt and James McLaren:

Karen Selick talks to TV reporters outside the Ontario Legislature in November of 2009

On November 9, 2009, on the instructions of Michael Schmidt and James McLaren, I wrote to the Ontario Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (Leona Dombrowsky — who also happens to be my own MPP) suggesting that a dialogue be opened with a view to amending the law and regulations to allow consumers to purchase safe, legal, unpasteurized milk.  Here’s a copy of my two-page letter.  You’ll note that we were asking for the opportunity to meet with the Minister to discuss changing the law. Continue reading


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Ontario residents please sign petition to legalize raw milk distribution in Ontario

James McLaren has created an online raw milk petition at  http://www.petitiononline.com/rawmilk2/petition.html He says:

Raw milk producing cows from Glencolton Farms in Ontario. Photo by Andrea Lemieux.

Please distribute this widely but please note that it is only for Ontario residents to sign, since we are working with a lawyer to ensure that if the petition is ignored by the Ontario authorities, legal proceedings can be started to compel them to perform their statutory duty. Thank you, James.

Thanks to Judith for passing this on to the Bovine.

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