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Milk and Honey dairy farm in Hawaii using boron to counter radioactivity

An open letter from dairy farmers on the Big Island of Hawaii shares some solutions for working with radiation problems in milk:

Dear Milk Share Members,


Our goal to offer high quality safe food to our community has recently been challenged in the reality of the radioactivity being released into our environment. In the past weeks radioactive levels have increased in Hawaii, with high spikes and a more current leveling off of radiation levels. Milk from the large dairies in Hamakua and Hawi has shown elevated levels of radiation, from 400 to 2400 times the recognized safe levels. Continue reading


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Japan Nuclear Safety watch: Fukoshima reactors continue to spew radioactive particles across northern hemisphere

From Dr. Mark Sircus, at the Intel Hub:

“Arnie Gundersen, widely-regarded to be the best nuclear analyst covering Japan’s Fukushima disaster, indicates that the situation on the ground at the crippled reactors remains precarious and at a minimum it will be years before it can be hoped to be truly contained. Continue reading


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Radiation fallout from Japan affects food safety across North America

Dr. Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D.

“Dr. Robert J. Gilbert has a multi-faceted background in both spiritual and scientific studies. He is a former U.S. Marine Corps Instructor in Nuclear-Biological-Chemical Warfare Survival; since leaving the service in 1985 he has conducted independent research into the Geometric basis of modern science and new technologies…..” Read more

Clearly, in light of his background, Robert Gilbert is someone worth listening to on the subject of radiation dangers from the recent nuclear disaster in Japan. Here’s an excerpt from a page on his Vesica.org website, dealing with the subject: Continue reading


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Radiation, chemtrails, and raw milk

From Gordon Watson:

“Our new cowshare isn’t producing much yet, nevertheless, shareholders want to know about the possibility of harmful radio-activity from our raw milk

So I called the BC Minister of Agriculture in Abbotsford.   Jane Pritchard is the deputy Chief Veterinarian. She says that the BC Centre for Disease Control has a Q & A section on its website, to do with this topic. She told me that the air quality is being monitored, and has shown no “spike” in radio-activity. Continue reading


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“Radioactive milk found in the U.S.” — that milk is safe, but raw milk is NOT?

From an interview with Allen Roland, on Press TV:

“Japan has misled its citizens about the aftermath of the massive tsunami, which hit the country on March 11 causing the US-built G&E reactors to melt and release deadly levels of radiation.

Press TV interviewed Online Columnist Allen Roland regarding the nuclear disaster in Japan, and discussed how the US and the international community might be more alert to the problems that nuclear power stations may pose for the rest of humanity.

Press TV: How is this issue of the Japanese disaster being viewed in America?  Continue reading


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B.C. dairy farmers want milk tested for radioactivity, Canadian food inspection agency refuses their demands

From Tiffany Crawford, at the Vancouver Sun:

“Canadian health agencies have no immediate plans to measure the amount of radiation in milk following Japan’s nuclear crisis despite the demands of B.C. dairy farmers who want officials to follow the U.S. and test dairy products.

“There will be no testing of milk,” Alice Danjou, a spokeswoman for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, said Friday.

The news came as a disappointment to Robin Smith, executive director of the BC Milk Producers Association, which earlier this week called on the agency to test the milk in an effort to prove to the public the levels are low enough to consume. Continue reading

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Japan earthquake impacts food security

From Jim Scott at Salt Spring News:

“Regular visitors know I’m concerned about food. The Japanese earthquake triggered a tsunami with 10-meter-high waves hitting the northern port of Sendai and its surrounds. I watched in horror as waves rolled across farmland, sweeping away crops, homes, livestock and outbuildings. Continue reading


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