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Farmers markets at the front lines of food access, as Loblaws exec Galen Weston says they’ll kill people

A story today in the Toronto Star reports that at a recent food conference sponsored by Loblaws, Galen Weston said that while farmers markets are great, someday they’ll kill some people. Meanwhile, in Portland, Maine, farmers are going to be able to legally sell raw milk at the local farmers market without warning labels:

A farmers market in Portland Maine where you'll be able to buy raw milk without a warning label. The Portland Press Herald reports that city councilors Monday authorized dairy farmers to sell unpasteurized milk at Deering Oaks, above, and Portland's other farmers markets without having to explain the risks of consuming raw milk. Photo: Shawn Patrick Ouellette. Click for story.

First from Food Editor Jennifer Bain, in the Toronto Star:

“An off-the-cuff remark by Galen Weston at the Canadian Food Summit has enraged the farmers’ markets community and local food lovers.

“Farmers’ markets are great. . . ,” Weston said Tuesday during a speech to about 600 people at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, but added: “One day they’re going to kill some people though.” Continue reading


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Life tastes good for young farmers

Here’s an excerpt from a recent Toronto Star story by Jennifer Bain, about a young agricultural entrepreneur and his partner.

Mark Trealout and Laura Boyd serve visitors to their Kawartha Lakes farmhouse locally grown and homemade antipasti. They are part of a community-shared agriculture (CSA) program. Photo Jennifer Bain / Toronto Star

The man featured in this story is a someone who the Bovine editor met personally a few years ago at the Guelph Organic Conference, back when Mark was just starting out. It seems that since then he’s had some success with his business plan of remarketing the products of other small organic growers in the Kawartha Lakes area and trucking them in to Toronto.

Toronto’s recent Greenbelt-Foundation-money-fueled explosion of farmers’ markets in the last couple of years has led to a real shortage of authentic farmers willing to schlep their produce to Toronto. That trip to Toronto can be well worth the gas money, since organic produce in smaller communities, commands nowhere near the price premium it does among Toronto’s health-conscious foodies. Continue reading


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