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The surest way to get raw milk regularly

What’s it like starting out from scratch to take care of a cow on your own?  From the Promised Land Farm blog:

Image from The Promised Land Farm blog.

“We welcomed our first family milk cow to our farm in 2010. We had never ever milked a cow before… by hand or machine!

Elsie, our first Jersey milk cow, was dropped off one evening and the next morning she calved… aaahhhh! What do we do now?! (Click HERE if you want to watch the birth).

I’ve documented our journey with our milk cow to help you get started milking your own family milk cow, goat or sheep!

Let me give you the secret to success with a family milk cow, goat or sheep… it’s DESIRE. We’re now in our fourth year milking a family cow, AND WE LOVE IT! 

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A lyrical tale of life with a cow

Laura Livingston, writing on Kimberly Hartke’s blog:

“Jenny came to live with us when she was twelve years of age. She was a Jersey, was bred, and had been living on good pasture at her previous home. Jenny was old, though. Her digestive tract had been compromised by a diet supplemented with probably a lot of grain, as was attested to by the large diameter of her cow patties. Jenny was a well behaved family milk cow.

Three of my daughters and I, and one granddaughter, were living off-the-grid. Roughing it, you could say. We did things the hard way, carrying all of our water from the well up the road, except what fell off the roof at our door when it rained.We cooked mostly with wood, and had no cow fences at that time. Jenny had a small enclosure to live in, but I tethered her all day on tall grass and other forages. That meant that Jenny had to learn to walk with a lead. And graze within a small circle. Continue reading

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“Why I drink raw milk…”

Paul Williams, writing on the Liberation Wellness website:

Picture of raw milk above from Bodyearth.net

“I drink raw milk. I get it from a guy I know who is passionate about the raw milk movement. He has a small, but growing herd of Jersey cows. He’s not certified organic, but he doesn’t use pesticides or synthetic fertilizers on his pastures. For many ordinary people, the thought of drinking raw milk is out of the question–they think it’s dangerous. The reason is because scientists, doctors and public health officials tell them so and they don’t question these authority figures. Continue reading

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Questions asked about A1, A2 milk at recent Biodynamic conference in NY

From David E. Gumpert’s The Complete Patient blog:

The one lab we know of where you can get your cows tested for A2

“…..But last Friday, at a special session on raw milk at the national conference of the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association, where I spoke, together with Sally Fallon of the Weston A. Price Foundation and Michael Schmidt, the Canadian raw dairy farmer, the issue came up again. A woman attending the session, clutching her copy of “The Devil in the Milk”, wondered if the A1/A2 issue was being ignored, or even covered up, by raw dairy farmers and other raw milk proponents. Continue reading


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The only A2 A2 dairy herd in California?

From the website of the [link removed for now]

”]“We are a small family farm just north of [town name removed]. We originally sought our first cow to nourish our young boys [names removed for now] with healthy milk. Continue reading


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“Belle de Jersey” is an award-winning cheese from Quebec — and it’s made from raw milk (of course)

Sue Riedl writes up a new cheese from Quebec, said to be made from raw Jersey milk. Excerpted from The Globe and Mail.com:

"Belle de Jour" and "Belle de Jersey". Surely those who named this cheese can't have been unaware of this cultural resonance. Perhaps they'd like to imply that this raw milk cheese is a little bit naughty -- like the Catherine Deneuve character who worked as a prostitute during the day (in the movie), just for kicks. Sounds like clever marketing to me. Photo at right is from Susan Riedl's Globe and Mail article.

“Quebec’s Belle de Jersey cheese is named in honour of one of the Jersey cows whose milk is used in its production. Known as “Miss Personality” of the herd, Belle (the cow) has been a frequent award winner in agricultural competitions including the Royal Winter Fair. Following the fortune of its namesake, Belle de Jersey, a soft, washed-rind cheese made from raw Jersey milk, has already won silver at the 2009 International Jersey Cheese Awards and this year was thrust onto international palates when it was served as part of the Canadian cheese plate at the G20 summit. Impressive for a fromagerie that only began making cheese in 2007. Continue reading

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Don’t mess with raw milkers in Texas!

Raw milk sales are going strong in Texas, even in this “down” economy, according to a recent story in the Keene Sentinel titled “Dairy reaps benefits of raw milk movement“. Here’s an excerpt from that:

After visiting the Lucky Layla farm store at Lavon Farms in Plano, Texas, Chris Williams, of Plano, center, leaves with a variety of yogurt and raw milk produced at the farm. Sentinel Source photo

“DALLAS — Like most any mom with young children, Iliana Cantavella is used to making a run for a gallon of milk.

But she goes to the tiny store at Lavon Farms, the last dairy left in Collin County. There, for $8 a gallon, she buys milk that comes straight from the registered Guernsey and Jersey cows grazing in the fields around.

No pasteurization. No homogenization. And no approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Raw milk, it’s called, and Cantavella is a walking infomercial.

“Since we switched to raw milk, they don’t get sick anymore,” the mother of three said, standing outside the farm store with her latest three gallons. “They used to get ear infections all the time.” Continue reading

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