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Why are there no natural-born farmers? — Joe Bageant on Class in America

The following is an excerpt from Joe Bageant’s latest book “Rainbow Pie”, his memoir of growing up in a poor subsistance farming family in West Virginia. This book has been recently published in America, although it had been published previously in Australia and Britain. The following is excerpted from a review of the book, published on Joe’s blog “Deer Hunting with Jesus”:

Click image above to download an excerpt from Joe Bageant's new book Rainbow Pie in PDF format

“You always hear about natural-born musicians, artists, teachers, nurses, even businessmen. But what happened to the natural-born farmer and extended farm family when the rural-to-urban migration saw us go from 92% of Americans making their living (and dying) on the land in 1900 to around 2% today? What happened to the natural sense of community that engendered — that “we’re all in it together,” culture we now long for? And, what about America’s supposedly classless society? How’s that working out for ya?

Here’s a new book that answers these questions and more. Continue reading

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“What would Jesus buy?” — Raw milk?

“What would Jesus buy?” is the question from Reverend Billy and his “Church of Life After Shopping”. The Reverend is a full-blown culture jammer if ever there was one. Yeah I know this is a little off topic on a raw milk blog, but it’s just so funny I couldn’t resist. The following is from the Greenhorns “Irresistable Fleet of Bicycles” blog:

"When the going gets tough... the tough get weird" Reverend Billy on his Christmas tour with the "Life after Shopping Gospel Choir" in Union Square... only in America!!!

“We start on Buy Nothing Day, Friday Nov 27, 5 AM – trying to convert the Consumers at the front-door of Macy’s. Then off to the Valley Stream Wal-Mart to remember Jdimytai Damour. The on-the-road part of the tour starts with the Rev in Minneapolis and St. Paul, then Savitri joining him in Los Angeles and Pasadena. They return to the 40 voice gospel singathon at the Christmas Revival at the Brooklyn Lyceum on Saturday December 12th. Then on the 17th, 18th and 19th, the full choir buses up to Albany, Troy and east to Greenfield, Massachusetts. Continue reading

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