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Edmonton raw milk court case wrapped up Thursday June 9th with $1,000 fine

This brief report just in from Michael Schmidt in Edmonton (more material added June 10):

A happy Judith Johnson after her court file has been closed

Alberta raw milk case came to a close today. $1,000 dollar fine. Prosecutor asked for $4,000. Three out of four charges were dropped by the crown. Judith Johnson is very happy. Now we all will raise the funds to pay the fine and mooove to the next pasture. Thanks to Michael Schmidt for the photos and captions (June 10th).

Aleah the little girl who was in need of rawmilk because of her health and who thereby started unintentionally the raw Milk battle in Alberta

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Michael Schmidt goes to Edmonton for court case and talks June 7th, 8th, 9th

Michael Schmidt is back from Prague, where he spoke at a raw milk conference. But he’ll have just a few days to regroup at the farm before he heads off to Alberta for a lecture tour culminating in the latest in a series of court appearances in the raw milk case of Judith Johnson and Eric Pudlow.

The date for that court appearance has been set for June 9th at 1 pm in Room 355 of the Edmonton courthouse. Everyone — supporters, media, dairy farmers, consumers, lobbyists, regulators, policy makers — is invited to come out. Michael has apparently discussed things with the lawyer in advance with a view to wrapping up the case on that date rather than delay or postpone for futher proceedings. Continue reading


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Surprising developments unfold in raw milk legal drama in Edmonton Alberta

This just in from Michael Schmidt who is in Edmonton Alberta today:

This time around we had a very constructive discussion with the crown procecutor for a joint resolution of this Alberta cow share case. Hopefully by June or July we will be able to bring closure to this drama.

Michael Schmidt (left) was in Edmonton again today to help with court proceedings on the raw milk case involving Judith Johnson (centre) and Eric Pudlow (right).

The man in the center (of the photo below) had called Alberta health because of a personal vendetta. After realizing how much pain he created as a result he came forward and asked for forgiveness from Judith and Eric. This simple complain activated a major crackdown with enormous consequences for a farming couple which provided a service for people in need of real food. Continue reading


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Raw milk cowshares spread in Alberta

From a letter to Gordon Watson in B.C. from Charlene in Edmonton Alberta:

Judith, Eric, Michael and supporters at the Edmonton court house in February 2011.

The real milk is flowing under the cover of darkness.  Hard to find a cow share but more and more people I am sure are starting them.  Found one lady who was advertising on Kiijii until I told her that it was not a good idea.  I got her a couple of customers from the Slow Food event that I attended. Continue reading


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Edmonton Alberta raw milk trial that was to take place March 23, 2011 is now being postponed until May or June

Raw milk farmers Eric Pudlow, Judith Johnson, and both of them again with Michael Schmidt

Ontario raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt confirmed today that the trial of Judith Johnson and Eric Pudlow on charges related to raw milk has been postponed again, this time until May or June. The trial was originally scheduled for February 23, 2011.

Back in February, Michael Schmidt traveled to Edmonton to participate in the court proceedings in support of Judith and Eric only to find that the judge adjourned the case until March 23, ostensibly because the prosecutors had only just received the case documentation a few minutes before the trial and therefore did not have time to prepare the case properly. While Michael was there, he spoke to a gathering of Slow Food supporters from the Edmonton area. Continue reading

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Why I am committed to seek co-operation with Government and Regulators [regarding raw milk] — Ontario farmer Michael Schmidt

This just in from Ontario raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt:

Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt. Photo via Nelson Daily

I have to be thankful for the rather degrading and heated discussion following my post about the need to support Eric and Judith in their struggle to fight for their cow share operation in Alberta.

The discussion laid open the variety of positions dealing with the issue of how to deal with the current underground raw milk trade across Canada and across Province lines. Continue reading


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Global TV covers the Judith and Eric raw milk story in Edmonton Alberta

Global TV covers Edmonton raw milk court proceedings, includes background from Michael Schmidt’s blue bus in Vaughan:

Click image above to go to Global TV page to watch video clip on the Edmonton raw milk story.

“Raw milk. As in unpasteurized. As in straight from the cow.

It’s what an Edmonton-area couple is fighting for. Judith Johnson and Henry Pudlow are even getting ready to launch a constitutional challenge. Continue reading


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Alberta raw milk case with Judith and Eric resumes Feb. 23rd, in Edmonton

February 23rd at 9:00 a.m. in Room 267 Judith Johnson and Eric Pudlo, farmers for a cow share, will be appearing before criminal court and the Court of Queens Bench regarding the sale of raw milk.

Approximate time in court 9:00 a.m. to 12:00.  It could go longer depending on a few factors that have not been determined yet.  Come whenever and however long you can make it.  Michael said that we just need to make a strong appearance of support by showing up.  People come and go from the court room constantly so don’t worry about interrupting.

Alberta Health’s goal, according to their lawyer, is that Judith and Eric cease and desist milking the cows of the cow share members.  The government does not acknowledge cow shares in Alberta.  The lawyer stated that if they cease and desist then the government will drop everything. Continue reading


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More on the “nuisance” of raw milk in Alberta — Judith Johnson and Eric Pudlo vs Alberta Health, January 10th

From Charlene — special to The Bovine — an eyewitness account of the court hearing of Judith Johnson and Eric Pudlo vs Alberta Health, Jan. 10th, 2011:

Glenn Jenkins from Alberta Health and their lawyer defending "the public" health laws

The Meaning of “Nuisance”

Dictionary Definition of Nuisance…

Obnoxious or annoying person, thing, condition, practice.
Something offensive or annoying to individuals or to the community
c.1410, injury, hurt, harm, to hurt.  Anything obnoxious to a community (bad smells, pests, eyesores)
In 1661 – source of annoyance, something personally disagreeable
To harm
Something (as an act, object, or practice) that invades or interferes with another’s rights or interests by being offensive, annoying, dangerous, obstructive or unhealthful.

Alberta Health’s Definition of Nuisance…


The roads were extremely icy and it took twice as long to get anywhere on Monday, January 10th but more than 28 people made the journey.  As they filled the room the members of the Appeal Board were noticeably amazed at the level of interest this case was attracting. Continue reading


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Edmonton farmers scramble to upgrade their raw milk dairy to meet Cow Share Canada standards of operation

From a story in yesterday’s Edmonton Journal by Brent Wittmeier:

Judith Johnson and Henry Pudlow protest the closure of their cow share operation at the Alberta Legislature on Nov. 8, 2010. Photograph by: Karen Kleiss, edmontonjournal.com

“EDMONTON — Edmonton-area farmers are scrambling to restructure an unpasteurized dairy business after a prominent raw milk advocate withdrew support this week.

On Monday, Ontarian farmer and raw milk advocate Michael Schmidt was in front of Alberta legislature, championing unpasteurized milk — which is currently illegal in Canada — as safe and healthier than pasteurized milk products sold in grocery stores. Continue reading


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