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Learning how to milk a goat

From Weed em and Reap:

Shouldn’t everybody know how to milk a goat. Photo via Weed em and Reap.

“Once upon a time there was a woman who bought a goat.

She was so excited to get FRESH milk every day!  She woke up early one morning, and with butterflies in her stomach she put her goat on the milking stand, poured some grain in the feeder, and started to tug. Nothing.  ”Hmmmm”, the woman thought.  She tugged and tugged.

After 30 minutes and approximately one teaspoon of milk later, the woman started to cry. Continue reading

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ADHD drugs linked to suicide in kids

From David Bruser and Andrew Bailey on The Star.com:

“Adverse Reaction Report No. 324764

Submitted by: Health Professional

Date: 2009

Location: Canada

Patient: Male

Age: 15 years old

Suspect Drug: Strattera

Side Effect: Completed Suicide

This is just one of nearly 600 cases of Canadian kids suffering serious, sometimes fatal side effects suspected to have been caused by ADHD medications in the past 10 years.

A Toronto Star investigation has found a growing number of doctors, nurses, pharmacists and parents are reporting that they believe attention deficit drugs are causing major health problems in patients, many as young as 6 and 7 years old. Continue reading


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School children in Florida sickened by pasteurized milk at school’s cafeteria

Here an excerpt from the report by Juan Ortega, at the Orlando Sentinel:

Cooper City Elementary School in Florida, where children were recently sickened by pasteurized milk.

“The Broward School District ordered all milk removed from school cafeterias Friday after 12 students at Cooper City Elementary were sent to the school clinic with stomachaches and other children complained that it tasted funny. Continue reading

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Kids for Raw Milk — April 18, 2009

Thanks to Shirley Ann for arranging this performance at the Village Market in Thornhill, Ontario (and for sending in this photo):

These kids have all grown up on Michael Schmidts raw milk. Last Saturday morning they helped raise more than $100 for raw milk legal defense.

These three healthy, happy and musical kids have all grown up drinking Michael Schmidt's raw milk. Last Saturday morning they helped raise more than $100 for raw milk legal defense.

In other local news, raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt was at the Total Health show in Toronto last weekend. According to his assistant Paul, among the many people who stopped to chat were 20 Ukrainians, all of whom wondered why raw milk was illegal in Canada, whereas back in the Ukraine raw milk is readily and legally available. Michael Schmidt will be at the Green Living Show in Toronto this coming weekend.

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“Phantom of the Milkhouse” — Kids for Raw Milk perform at the Village Market

Yesterday morning, about twelve young musicans ranging in age from about seven to seventeen performed live at a benefit concert held at the Village Market in Thornhill. Here are some photos of the performers in action, along with the words to one of the songs, adapted by event coordinator Shirley Ann Wood.

Sylvia and Lyndon perform a piece from the adaptation Phantom of the Milkhouse.

Sylvia and Lyndon perform a piece from the adaptation "Phantom of the Milkhouse".

This is another song which Shirley Ann adapted for the occasion:

Hey Judge  (to the tune of Hey Jude – the Beatles)

Hey Judge – don’t make it bad,
Take a sad song, and make it better.
Remember to let it into y our heart
Then you can start to make it better. Continue reading

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