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Local newspaper reports that “Decision put off in Schmidt raw milk case”

From Don Crosby in the Owen Sound Sun Times:

Michael Schmidt talks to reporters at the blue bus Tuesday

“Schmidt said it’s a bit frustrating that the court has for a fourth time since July put off releasing the result of an appeal by the provincial attorney general and the Grey Bruce Health Unit on a ruling by Justice of the Peace Paul Kowarsky.

Kowarsky ruled in January that Schmidt’s cow share program for raw milk consumers did not violate provincial regulations meant to protect the public health. That decision was appealed to a judge in the Ontario Court of Justice.

Meanwhile Schmidt has been named in a contempt of court action in a British Columbia court for continuing to sell raw milk after being ordered to stop. Continue reading

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Michael Schmidt’s countdown: “eight days until the raw milk appeal ruling”

Setting the stage for 2012...

It is worthwhile to sometimes look at the symbolic values of numbers when we are confronted with a certain reality. Indeed we have may be eight days left until judge Tetley might come out with his view if in fact Kowarsky erred in his judgement about the right of people to opt out of the ” protection of the state”. Continue reading


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Raw milk decision not expected until July in Michael Schmidt appeal case

From the Canadian Press via the [Kitchener Waterloo] Record.com:

Michael Schmidt (left) shares a celebratory glass of raw milk with supporters

“NEWMARKET, ONT. — Lawyers for the provincial government are arguing that an Ontario judge made critical legal errors when he ruled in favour of raw milk crusader Michael Schmidt.

Last year, justice of the peace Paul Kowarsky threw out 19 charges against Schmidt related to selling and distributing raw milk.

The Health Protection and Promotion Act makes it illegal to sell unpasteurized milk in Canada because it’s considered a health hazard. It is, however, legal to drink raw milk.

Kowarsky ruled that Schmidt’s method of distribution — a cow-share program he had started for raw milk consumers — made him exempt from the legislation. Continue reading

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From today’s Crown appeal of Michael Schmidt raw milk case in Newmarket

By Linda Nguyen, Postmedia News:

Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt talks to Post media reporter outside the Newmarket courthouse during a break from the appeal proceedings

“NEWMARKET, Ont. — A justice of the peace made critical legal mistakes when he found dairy farmer Michael Schmidt not guilty of distributing raw milk and cheeses last year, argued the Ontario government Wednesday in an appeal of the landmark case.

Ontario justice of the peace Paul Kowarsky erred in the January 2010 ruling when he threw out 19 charges related to the distribution, production and sale of raw milk against the Durham, Ont., farmer and cow-share operator, said Crown lawyer Alan Ryan.

It is illegal to market, sell, distribute or deliver unpasteurized milk or cream. Yet, it is legal to drink raw milk or use the raw milk to make cheese. Continue reading


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Opening round in MNR and Grey Bruce Health Unit appeal of raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt’s Jan. 2010 acquittal

Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt (right) shares a night lunch with visiting American raw milk reporter David E. Gumpert, in his farmhouse kitchen, under the watchful eye of filmmakers' cameras on the eve of his acquittal in January of 2010. That acquittal is now being appealed.

Judge Paul Kowarsky’s January 2010 acquittal of raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt has gone a long way toward legitimizing raw milk in Ontario. Subsequent to that decision, which was a year in the making, Michael Schmidt has been busy traveling around the continent speaking to groups of farmers and citizens who share concerns about raw milk, food freedom and the role of government. Continue reading

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Cowshare College report from the first session at Glencolton Farms May 1, ’10

Canada’s first-ever cowshare college kicked off classes on May 1, 2010 in Durham Ontario. Here’s a brief report on what went down:

Kim Culkin makes announcement while Michael Schmidt and Tim Wightman wait at the front of the classroom to start teaching. Looks like this particular session was not taking place at the farm itself.

22 participants attended the first course of the Canadian Cow share College Saturday May 1, 2010 at Glencolton Farms. All of them received their certificate of completion which is required as part of the accreditation process of Cow Share Canada.

Continue reading


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Eastern Ontario health unit respects Kowarsky ruling on cowshare farms

This is a second hand report on what happened last week

What appeared first as a welcomed scenario for the anti raw milk lobby in Ontario turned into a rather pleasant surprise.

First came the news that a child got sick drinking raw milk. Then the police went into the house and confiscated the raw milk from the fridge after the parents refused to turn it over to the health unit. ( that’s how desperate they are looking for a smoking gun)

The health unit visited the farmer, who in the meantime recovered from a heart attack and demanded a milk sample, which his wife complied with.

They later phoned and requested a meeting with the farmer the following Tuesday. Continue reading


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