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Rawsome raw milk raid in the NY Times

From Ian Lovett, in the New York Times:

Demonstrators and media representatives focus on a speaker at a rally outside the Los Angeles courthouse Thursday where two Rawesome associates were later arraigned on charges related to illiegal sale of raw milk. About 100 people demonstrated on behalf of Rawesome. (Photo by Andrew Ward, via David E. Gumpert's The Complete Patient blog, click on image above to go there)

“LOS ANGELES — Raw food enthusiasts fit right in here, in the earthy, health-conscious beach communities of Venice and Santa Monica, along with the farmers’ markets, health food stores and vegan restaurants.

But this week, the police cleared the shelves of Rawesome, an establishment in Venice Beach, loading $70,000 of raw, organic produce and dairy products on the back of a flatbed truck. Continue reading


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Rawsome raid raw milk and food rights publicity bonanza on Colbert TV Report

Kimberly Hartke on the Colbert show feature about the Rawsome raid in L.A.:

Photos illustration by: AZRainman

When comedians start having a field day, it is a good day in politics.

Ok, so talking about vibrations may not be the best way to “sell” the health benefits of raw milk, but you have got to admit, this is important publicity of this event. I love the way the word raw turns to war on the milk bottle, the graphics department at Colbert Report is RAWESOME! I can’t wait until you see this! Continue reading

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