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Montana Jones and Michael Schmidt may be forced to change lawyers in Shropshire sheep-napping case

Update from Montana Jones:

A four foot stack of disclosure documents in the CFIA against Montana Jones and Michael Schmidt and two others case. Photo: Montana Jones.

This four foot high stack of disclosure is “almost” all of it, says CFIA investigator David Eagleson. Vincent Lam’s novel “Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures” seems an appropriate accompaniment, since CFIA’s bloodbath killing of the country’s finest heritage Shropshire genetics only proved that my flock was healthy, and did not carry any scrapie disease. It has not however, cured the CFIA of their mission.

Yesterday in the Cobourg Ontario Provincial Court, The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) advised Justice Robert Graydon they intend to file a Motion that would prevent defendants Michael Schmidt and myself (Montana Jones) from having our preferred legal counsel of choice, lawyers Karen Selick and Shawn Buckley. Continue reading


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WI farmer Vernon Herschberger “not getting sucked into the [DATCP] game”; he says Michael Schmidt inspired him

The latest from David E. Gumpert on the Complete Patient blog:

Farmer Vernon Herschberger. Photo from David E. Gumpert at The Complete Patient blog.

“I wanted to meet Hershberger in person, because I admire his courage in challenging the Wisconsin authorities in their campaign to deny people access to healthful foods. He said at that time he was fine with me writing about him, which I hadn’t yet done by the time Judge Fiedler made his decision. Since the decision came out, I checked in to make sure he wasn’t afraid to be quoted in light of the harsh decision.

Being the humble man that he is, Hershberger told me it was okay, “But I don’t want to be boastful. I only want to encourage the consumers and farmers.” He didn’t say it, but fear seems not to be part of his makeup. Continue reading

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“Our day in court… again” — Beverley’s report on the raw milk appeal hearing

Longtime raw milk friend and suppporter, and co-worker at Glencolton Farms, Beverley Viljakainen, has written up her impressions of the appeal proceedings this past Wednesday April 13, 2011, at Michael Schmidt’s request. Here it is:

Beverley talks to a reporter Wednesday

On Wednesday, April 13, 2011, I sat with a roomful of others to witness the Province of Ontario’s appeal against Michael Schmidt’s acquittal on umpteen raw milk charges. What follow is my take on the proceedings, and what they rest on, in the light of the next day.

I was determined to keep an open mind, to listen attentively so that I might follow the various arguments. However, as the government lawyers “just doing their job” droned on, I once again noted that there is something terribly wrong with a judicial system that purports to uphold individual freedom while enabling the State to do everything but.

The government’s lawyers and support staff, employed secondarily by the Ministries of Health and Natural Resources and the Attorney General’s Office, and primarily by we the taxpayers, have spent years now on this case. We pay their not inconsiderable salaries and expenses, including the use of the four government cars in the parking lot. Yet, are we the people any closer to the freedom to make informed decisions about consuming raw milk for our health? No. And why not? Continue reading


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Marler Clark reviews developments in recent raw milk controversy in Ontario

Bill Marler, of the legal firm Marler Clark, has been involved in a number of high profile litigations involving raw milk damage claims in the U.S., notably with Organic Pastures in California.

American lawyer Bill Marler plays a role in the raw milk movement, as a vocal opponent, but one who follows the news and has often been willing to enter into dialog on the issues.

Marler Clark, through their several internet blogs, have published numerous stories following developments in the raw milk movement stateside and commenting on the safety issues involving raw milk generally. Here’s an excerpt from a recent story by Kristeva Dowling on the Ontario raw milk situation, with Michael Schmidt:

“Ontario made pasteurization of milk mandatory in 1938, but Health Canada did not make it mandatory until 1991. Canada bans the sale of raw milk but not its consumption.

Although it is illegal to sell raw milk in Canada, consumers can own a share in the ‘source’ cow, which is what dairy farmer Michael Schmidt’s (owner of Glencolton Farms) customers do. Continue reading

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