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Milk ad campaign could include raw

Looking at this new ad campaign from the Dairy Farmers of Canada it’s hard not to imagine that they’re including raw milk as one of the options people might choose. 

From Jordan Twiss, at Strategyonline.ca

A couple of example ads from the new campaign. Click image above to see more at the Ad-ict blog.

“The Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) has rolled out a new campaign that aims to highlight the varieties of milk available to consumers.”  Continue reading

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When they finally “bought the farm”

From Steph Larsen on Civil Eats blog:

Learning to drive a 1960s Farmall tractor. Photo via Civil Eats blog.

“In December of 2010, I bought the farm.

Clearly I mean this in the literal, not euphemistic, sense. (Although I’ve spent some time pondering why the phrase “bought the farm” means “to die,” but I digress.) Continue reading

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A lyrical tale of life with a cow

Laura Livingston, writing on Kimberly Hartke’s blog:

“Jenny came to live with us when she was twelve years of age. She was a Jersey, was bred, and had been living on good pasture at her previous home. Jenny was old, though. Her digestive tract had been compromised by a diet supplemented with probably a lot of grain, as was attested to by the large diameter of her cow patties. Jenny was a well behaved family milk cow.

Three of my daughters and I, and one granddaughter, were living off-the-grid. Roughing it, you could say. We did things the hard way, carrying all of our water from the well up the road, except what fell off the roof at our door when it rained.We cooked mostly with wood, and had no cow fences at that time. Jenny had a small enclosure to live in, but I tethered her all day on tall grass and other forages. That meant that Jenny had to learn to walk with a lead. And graze within a small circle. Continue reading

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Amish healthier than normal Americans

This breaking news comes to us via Natural News.com. One factor they don’t mention in the story is raw milk. It would seem that Amish would more likely be drinkers of that rare and oft-prohibited beverage than your normal American. Another statistic that’s not mentioned below but that was raised by Mark McAfee is that autism rates among the Amish are in the order of 1 in 15,000. That’s as compared to 1 in 90 among the general population. Clearly, it would seem we’re doing something wrong while the Amish are doing something right:

“(NaturalNews) They’re known for using horse-drawn buggies, avoiding modern conveniences, and wearing old-fashioned clothing. But do the Amish possess something that the rest of us don’t, primarily a lifestyle that prevents disease and leads to a better quality of life? According to a recent study published in the journal Cancer Causes and Control, that seems to be the case; cancer rates among the Amish are far lower than in the rest of the American population and they are far healthier than most Americans. Continue reading


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