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Liz Reitzig shares her impressions from her recent visit to Glencolton Farms

From Liz Reitzig on the Nourishing Liberty blog:

“Perhaps it was the simplicity that made me smile. Or maybe it was the newness—I’d never heard a pre-meal blessing that was so simple. But there it was, we were all sitting around the table at Glencolton Farms saying this blessing before a steaming bowl of carrot and ginger soup topped with all the sour cream we could want. A wheel of freshly made brie and homemade rolls dripping with fresh butter and glasses full of fresh, creamy milk completed the meal. “Wow,” I thought. “Does food really get any better than this? Certainly this prayer works. We have in front of us all the goodness and abundance one could want in their food!”

Here I was, eating a meal that was produced mainly on this farm. The butter, sour cream and milk, all came from these cows. The cheese was from their milk and made right there. The bread, baked in the bakery downstairs, and the soup—made from their own carrots and chicken stock. Continue reading

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Three out of four not guilty for Vernon Herschberger in raw milk jury trial

From Rick Barrett, in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

Image via Peace News Network. Click pic to go there now.

Baraboo — Dairy farmer Vernon Hershberger was acquitted on three of four criminal charges early Saturday morning in a trial that’s drawn national attention from supporters of the raw, unpasteurized milk movement.

Jurors in Sauk County District Court deliberated about four hours, until nearly 1 a.m. Saturday, before returning a verdict of guilty on one charge of violating a holding order placed on products on the Hershberger farm, following a raid on the farm in the summer of 2010.

The 41-year-old farmer faces up to a year in jail and $10,000 in fines on that conviction. A sentencing date will be announced later, said Judge Guy Reynolds. Continue reading


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Vernon Herschberger goes to court over religious freedom defense for raw milk

Photos and captions by Rosanne Lindsay. Update from Vernon Herschberger via Liz Reitzig.

Pre-Trial Hearing on Right to Use Religous Freedom Defense — at Sauk County Courthouse.

Vernon Herschberger was in court Monday to address issues related to his ongoing case regarding supplying raw milk under private contract to informed individuals. The DACTP has issues with that, and so we get into lawyers and court cases. See David Gumpert’s article for a good analysis of these minutae. Continue reading


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Liz Reitzig is a confessed criminal

From Liz Reitzig, on LewRockwell.com

Activist Liz Reitzig puts her own freedom on the line by transporting raw milk across state borders. Picture above from demonstration at FDA headquarters in Maryland, December 2011.

Not many people would look at me and see a confessed criminal. As a suburban mom with 5 small children, a minivan and a dog, it’s just not people’s first assumption about me. However, I am a repeat and proud offender of the FDAs regulation 21 CFR 1240.61 – the ban on interstate transportation of raw milk. Continue reading


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Thoughts on how to stay positive in the food rights struggle — Liz Reitzig

By Liz Reitzig, on the Complete Patient blog:

“One of the things I do to help people access real foods in my area is I help run a buying club that makes local deliveries of real, non-GMO foods. About two and a half years ago, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration began an undercover investigation and sting operation on my buying club and on one of the farmers supplying fresh, healthy food to the members.

As the FDA brought charges against our beloved Amish farmer and as the case made its way through the courts, I watched in amazement as the wonderful beneficiaries of this farmer rallied to support him! People bought extra food, sent letters of encouragement and acknowledgement, paid into a legal fund for him, rallied on his behalf, alerted local news media, and generally got active about the use of force against a peaceful farmer who supplied food for his community. Continue reading


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Raw milk, lemonade, activists on Capitol hill today, August 18th!

From Dairyhead network:

Enemies of the state, you’ve got to be kidding. After all, with enemies like this, who needs friends? From Farm Food Freedom Coalition website. Click to go there.

“This weekend, food safety is pitted against food freedom as two groups – Raw Milk Freedom Riders and Lemonade Freedom Day – take to Washington to protest the government’s interference in raw milk sales and neighborhood youth-organized lemonade stands.

“This issue is not just about raw milk and it’s not just about lemonade. It’s about every individual’s right to consume the food of their choice,” Robert Fernandes, founder of Lemonade Freedom Day told The Washington Times.

For these food freedom-fighters, the issue revolves around customers wanting alternatives to supermarkets and big-brand products without running into strict government limitations. Government officials, however, see the issue as a food-safety hazard. Many states limit sales of the unpasteurized product, and the FDA prevents raw milk producers from selling across state lines to areas where the product is illegal.   Continue reading

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Liz Reitzig talks raw milk on Infowars


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