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London Calling — Goodbye Jeff Lucas

Jeff and Jill Lucas — at the party Sept. 6th

Last Saturday Sept 6th, friends gathered to say goodbye to Jeff Lucas and his wife Jill.

And while most of those present knew Jeff primarily though his work as a friend of the Toronto Waldorf School and co-founder of the Carrville Community Garden, it’s only right that we should as well honour him for his work towards raw milk food freedom, as a staunch supporter of Michael Schmidt and the raw milk  farmshare community.

Jeff helped provide citizen escorts for the blue bus during its weekly journey from Durham down to Thornhill during a time when there was concern over possible regulatory interference with the ongoing delivery of raw milk to cow share members. Continue reading

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Britain’s FSA goes after farmer and store for selling raw milk in London

From Louise Gray in The Telegraph UK: 

“Selfridges is being taken to court for putting public health at risk by selling fashionable ‘raw’ milk at its flagship London store, the government’s food watchdog has announced.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) believes Selfridges broke strict hygiene regulations by allowing Sussex farmer Stephen Hook to sell raw milk in the food hall in December 2011.

Selfridges, which is frequented by chefs and celebrities, allowed raw milk fans to fill up their own bottles from a vending machine in the store for £3.50 per litre. Continue reading


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Organic food at the London Olympics

From Katrina Heron, on Civil Eats:

“…The new rules of the Games dictate that much of the food served—including but not limited to fruits, vegetables, milk, cheeses, and meats—will be sourced in the U.K.; animal products will meet or exceed a “Red Tractor” benchmark (an independent food seal of approval launched by Prime Minister Tony Blair in 2000); fish will be demonstrably sustainable; cage-free hens will provide the eggs; milk and chicken will be organic; and drinking water will be free.

“Local and regional foods are a big part of the plan,” says Boycott, and indeed the Olympian PR wires have been buzzing with tales of Welsh lamb, Leicestershire Stilton pie, Perthshire (Scotland) charcuterie, Isle of Wight tomatoes, and sourdough bread from the London borough of Tower Hamlets, baked in a brick oven lined with peat from the nearby Thames. (It is also duly noted that the U.K.’s cultural diversity will be showcased in a wide range of other cuisines, and particular dietary needs—such as vegan and gluten-free—will be met.) Continue reading


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Fluoride debate at London city council reminiscent of the pasteurization issue

From George Clark, QMI Agency, in the London Free Press:

“I was reminded last week of the social critic and stand-up comedian George Carlin. He was quoted as saying about causes that “Just because the monkey got off your back, doesn’t mean the circus has left town.”

Emotions ran high last week when city council debated the merits of possibly ending London’s fluoridation of water supplies. They hit their lowest point when councillors discovered material left on their desks linking the use of fluoride to Hitler’s death camps, to subdue and sterilize inmates.

It quickly became apparent the material was not from one of the opponents in the galleries, but from one of their own, Coun. Steve Orser. Orser did apologize to councillors offended by his action, but said it was sparked by his interest in such issues because his father had been a prisoner-of-war. The final vote was 10-5 in support of the ongoing use of fluoride. Continue reading

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“It’s milk, Jim, but not as we know it”

Thursday’s story about the raw milk vending machines in Poland attracted quite a lot of interest among Bovine readers. In fact it was the top story of the week with 1,383 page views as of Sunday morning. Which brings us ’round to today’s article, which likewise deals with raw milk vending machines, but this time in England. You may remember there was a bit of flap over there recently about a big store which had the temerity to install such a machine in one of its London stores. Well here’s more news arising from that self-same machine, which seems to still be dispensing raw milk, right there in the heart of London. And perhaps surprisingly, from a North American perspective, the London Bobbies don’t seem to have their knickers in a knot over that simple fact of life:

From Tom Parker Bowles on The Mail Online UK:

The Times' caption for this picture reads like advertising copy for raw milk: "The first taste is a revelation, rich, bounteous and fulsome"

“The machine, nearly 6ft of solid, gleaming steel, sits just to the left of Oddono’s ice cream in London’s Selfridges. And is a mere Tunworth’s roll from the groaning cheese counter.  Which seems entirely apt, as this magnificent monolith dispenses milk, the heart and soul of them both. But this is no run-of-the-mill dairy dullard; it’s a repository of raw, unpasteurised milk from Sussex – buxom, beguiling cowgirl rather than joyless, emaciated waif.

Plug in a few nuggets, put your glass bottle under the spout and out pours a whole litre of foaming, cream-rich delight.  The first taste is a revelation, rich, bounteous and fulsome, like tasting real milk for the very first time.  It’s impeccably clean and fresh, whipping through the mouth with lactic élan, and leaving nothing behind save a lingering, luscious sigh.  It’s milk, Jim, but not as we know it.   Continue reading


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Public health expert overstates safety of pasteurization for milk — The Londoner

From Joshua Freeman in The Londoner:

A raw deal?
London woman says people should be allowed to buy raw milk

By Joshua Freeman

Pam Killeen enjoys a raw milk smoothie outside her home in London.. The activist is trying to rally support for her friend, farmer Michael Schmidt, who is on a hunger strike to protest the fact that it's illegal to sell unpasteurized milk in Canada. JOSHUA FREEMAN/ LONDONER/QMI AGENCY

“…. [Pam] Killeen says there are at least 300 people in London who regularly consume raw milk and that interest is growing.

“I’m part of a raw milk community in London,” she says. “Most people in this city don’t know a lot about food in general. I had to get very sick before I started to research the lack of quality in our food system today.”

Killeen says she suffered from chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and multiple chemical sensitivities for more than a decade before she started changing her diet to rest on natural, nutrient-dense foods.

Moreover, she says Canada is one of the only advanced countries in the world where it’s actually illegal to sell raw milk. Continue reading


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An expensive habit maybe, but can raw milk really become an addiction?

Here is a great article written by Donna Costa, the London WAPF leader about her “addiction”:

My addiction to the pure white stuff began when I was living in Australia. It was easy to purchase and its use was almost mainstream. Lots of people knew I was using it, yet neither family, friends, nor co-workers derided or chastised me. Some were users like me and, from time to time, we would go on trips to the mountains lured by the promise of “the really good stuff”. I first tried it out of curiosity but, by the end of the year, I was truly hooked. Continue reading


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London England grocery store chickens also loaded with dangerous pathogens

From Bill Marler’s blog:

Tesco is one of the English supermarket chains cited in this study. Photo from LIFE. Click image to see source.

The Tests – According to tests on 20 grocery store chickens, picking up a package of chicken in Asda, Morrisons, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s and Tesco could put you at risk of food poisoning. E. coli was found on one of the chickens from Sainsbury’s.

Staphylococcus aureus, an MRSA-related bacteria that can cause wound infections, was found on a sample from Asda.

Acinetobacter baumannii, which also causes serious wound infections, was found on one chicken from Asda and two from Marks & Spencer. Proteus mirabilis, which can cause urinary tract infections, was found on chickens from Asda, Tesco and Morrisons, and high levels of Micrococcus luteus, which also causes urinary tract infections, were found on a sample from Tesco….” Continue reading

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