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Michael Schmidt on the Chilliwack Fraser Health Unit raw milk “drink in”

Michael Schmidt shares the raw milk message with west coast TV viewers at Tuesday's raw milk "drink in" outside Fraser Health offices in Chilliwack British Columbia. Glencolton Farms photos

In an exclusive telephone interview with the Bovine Tuesday night, Michael Schmidt gave his version of the events around the raw milk demonstration / news conference outside the Fraser Health offices in Chilliwack B.C. Continue reading

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Q: How is marijuana like raw milk? A: They’re both prohibited in Canada

Coming from a raw milk perspective, it’s interesting to follow the debate over the continued criminalization of marijuana usage. Here, for instance, is a story detailing the role of Canada’s Maclean’s magazine in the prohibition of marijuana in this country in the last century, titled “The Secret Shame of Macleans”:

Marc Emery, Canada's self-proclaimed "Prince of Pot", before his extradition to face charges south of the border. Photo via Abort Magazine.

“A couple of weeks ago I ordered a copy of Emily Murphy’s The Black Candle (1922), the notorious, influential book that first defined drugs as a social problem in Canada, introduced the public to their varieties and effects, and led directly to the addition of marijuana to the Restricted List in 1923.

I placed the order after reading the Sept. 3 Seattle Times op-ed by John McKay, the former U.S. attorney who (in connivance with our federal ministry) had Marc Emery extradited and jailed. McKay, forced out of his job because of political controversies and tergiversations you’d need a scorecard to comprehend, is now a professor of law. Continue reading

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