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London England grocery store chickens also loaded with dangerous pathogens

From Bill Marler’s blog:

Tesco is one of the English supermarket chains cited in this study. Photo from LIFE. Click image to see source.

The Tests – According to tests on 20 grocery store chickens, picking up a package of chicken in Asda, Morrisons, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s and Tesco could put you at risk of food poisoning. E. coli was found on one of the chickens from Sainsbury’s.

Staphylococcus aureus, an MRSA-related bacteria that can cause wound infections, was found on a sample from Asda.

Acinetobacter baumannii, which also causes serious wound infections, was found on one chicken from Asda and two from Marks & Spencer. Proteus mirabilis, which can cause urinary tract infections, was found on chickens from Asda, Tesco and Morrisons, and high levels of Micrococcus luteus, which also causes urinary tract infections, were found on a sample from Tesco….” Continue reading

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Raw milk lawbreakers emerge from court as folk heros — Marler Clark

From Dan Flynn, writing for Marler Clark’s Food Safety News blog, under the heading “Lawsuits and Litigation”, from a story titled “More Raw Milk Bans Challenged”:

People who stretch or break raw milk laws in the U.S. and Canada often are more likely to emerge as folk heroes rather than outlaws.  The recent cases involving Armand Bechard in Springfield, MO and Michael Schmidt in Ontario are examples.

In April 2009, undercover inspectors from the Springfield-Greene County Health Department saw Bechard’s 17-year old and 21-year old daughters selling raw milk in a parking lot. Continue reading


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Sloppy documentation behind FDA’s destruction of product demands at raw milk cheese maker Morningside Dairy

Doreen Hannes, writing on the Complete Patient blog, with an introduction from David E. Gumpert:

The case of Morningland Dairy in Missouri has been one of the more outrageous in The State’s continuing campaign against nutritionally-dense foods, especially such foods sold privately. Morningland has effectively been shuttered, ordered to destroy its entire 2010 inventory worth about $250,000, because of the supposed presence of the pathogen listeria monocytogenes seized by government agents in their June 30 raid–a highly unusual step. Continue reading

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Marler Clark reviews developments in recent raw milk controversy in Ontario

Bill Marler, of the legal firm Marler Clark, has been involved in a number of high profile litigations involving raw milk damage claims in the U.S., notably with Organic Pastures in California.

American lawyer Bill Marler plays a role in the raw milk movement, as a vocal opponent, but one who follows the news and has often been willing to enter into dialog on the issues.

Marler Clark, through their several internet blogs, have published numerous stories following developments in the raw milk movement stateside and commenting on the safety issues involving raw milk generally. Here’s an excerpt from a recent story by Kristeva Dowling on the Ontario raw milk situation, with Michael Schmidt:

“Ontario made pasteurization of milk mandatory in 1938, but Health Canada did not make it mandatory until 1991. Canada bans the sale of raw milk but not its consumption.

Although it is illegal to sell raw milk in Canada, consumers can own a share in the ‘source’ cow, which is what dairy farmer Michael Schmidt’s (owner of Glencolton Farms) customers do. Continue reading

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Getting past “religion” in raw milk war

Here’s an excerpt from a recent guest post by David E. Gumpert, from Marler Clark’s “Food Safety News” blog:

“…to him who preserves the life of a single individual it is counted that he hath preserved the whole race.” From rabbinic commentary on the Torah

Positions are often strongly polarized around the raw milk issue. Consumer activists often can be seen to be giving the impression that raw milk is God's gift to health.

While regulators may feel they are doing the world a favour by shutting down "dangerous radicals" whose ideas and practices endanger public health and threaten to overturn decades of "progress" in establishment "science". Both pictures from the "Spoils of War" blog.

I was surprised recently to see a newspaper article out of Montana quoting me as saying I have fewer coughs and colds since I’ve been drinking raw milk. Continue reading

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Scare-mongering connects rabies with raw milk even though no such cases are known to ever have occurred

Here’s the latest breaking news on the American raw milk front in the form of an excerpt from David E. Gumpert’s most excellent blog The Complete Patient. The story is that the crusading food safety lawyer duo Marler Clark is trying to scare people with the unlikely prospect of getting rabies from raw milk. Entertaining as it is to watch these attempts at demonization, getting rabies from raw milk seems about as likely as Monty Python’s mythical “Killer Rabbit”. See clip below:

“The very word “rabies” arouses strong feelings in most of us. I can remember as a child being told that if I got bitten by a squirrel or stray dog, I’d have to endure a series of painful shots. Otherwise, I’d risk an agonizing death that would have me foaming at the mouth.

Now raw milk drinkers in Vermont are having their fear memories jogged by the same sort of warnings. “Raw Milk Dairy In Vermont Has Cow With Rabies That Threatens 21 With Painful Shots” warns one of the blogs of food poisoning law firm MarlerClark, and its head, Bill Marler. Continue reading


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