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Federal judge prohibits Amish dairy farmer Dan Allgyer from supplying Maryland food club with raw milk

From David E. Gumpert, on the Complete Patient blog:

“The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s two-year undercover investigation of a Maryland food club has led a federal District Court judge to impose a permanent injunction against the Pennsylvania Amish farmer who supplied the club with raw milk.

Federal Judge Lawrence Stengel officially issued a permanent injunction last Friday. It prohibits the farmer, Dan Allgyer, from sending raw milk across state lines to supply the Grassfed on the Hill club. It specifically does not affect him making milk available in Pennsylvania, nor does it prohibit him from supplying other food to the Maryland club. But, of course, the club members most of all want their milk, and they are in Maryland, not Pennsylvania. Raw milk can’t be legally sold, or made available via a cowshare, in Maryland. Continue reading


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Raw Milk Freedom Rider Liz Reitzig on plans to transport raw milk across state lines, distribute it in Chicago Dec. 8th

Many thanks to activist mom Liz Reitzig for taking time on the eve of her departure for Chicago to answer questions from The Bovine.

Liz Reitzig at the Raw Milk Freedom Riders' rally in Maryland last month.

How would you describe your role in the Raw Milk Freedom Riders?

My role in the Raw Milk Freedom Riders is as one of the primary organizers.

How did you and your family get started on raw milk? Continue reading


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“Milk and cookies” protest at the FDA — coverage in The Washington Times

From Jessica Claire Haney, in the Washington Times:

Screen grab from Washington Times.com. Click image to go there.

“SILVER SPRING, Maryland, November 2, 2011 – They escaped arrest. The “raw milk freedom riders” who illegally transported raw milk from a farm in Pennsylvania to FDA headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland and then drank it and distributed it to a crowd rallied in support of their efforts got away with their crime.

As reported yesterday in this column, this group of raw milk activists planned the ride and rally to protest government restrictions on the sale of raw milk and the spending of taxpayer money to raid and bankrupt small family farms. Continue reading

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Michael Schmidt in Vancouver today for rally; court date postponed to Dec. 5th

Photo from today's rally in Vancouver. Photo by Tirra Del Giudice

Michael Schmidt booked a flight to Vancouver today a few weeks ago to attend court on contempt charges. However, since then he’s heard that the court date has been postponed to December 5th. However, Michael went to Vancouver today anyway and the raw milk community there is hosting a rally today in support of raw milk freedom and food rights generally. We’ll post more when we receive further reports.

Michael spent yesterday at the Raw Milk Freedom Riders rally at the FDA headquarters in Maryland, so this is a strenuous schedule, especially for someone who hasn’t eaten in 35 days.


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U.S. raw milk activists invite Michael Schmidt to give keynote address @ rally outside FDA headquarters in Maryland

Valerie Hauch, in the Toronto Star:

Raw milk crusader, Michael Schmidt, drank just one glass of raw milk daily in the initial phase of his hunger strike but has been subsisting on only water since early October. The Durham farmer says he has lost 30 lbs and is being monitored by a doctor. LUCAS OLENIUK/TORONTO STAR/LUCAS OLENIUK/TORONTO STAR

“He hasn’t yet had a phone call from Premier Dalton McGuinty, but dairy farmer and raw milk advocate Michael Schmidt, who is nearly a month into a hunger strike, is hearing from a lot of other people — including some supporters south of the border.

Members of the Raw Milk Freedom Riders — an activist group of American mothers and their supporters who believe in the right of people to buy raw milk and also transport it over state lines — have invited the Durham farmer to be one of a number of speakers at a Nov. 1 rally in Silver Spring, Maryland. Continue reading

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Yet another news story about raw milk kingpin, aka Amish farmer, Dan Allgyer

From Jeremy Roebuck, The Philadelphia Inquirer, via The Cornucopia Institute:

PHILADELPHIA — In the predawn fog of an April morning last year, armed federal agents fanned out across darkened Lancaster County, Pa., pastures in search of contraband.

Months of investigation had led to this point. Strong evidence suggested that Rainbow Acres — a small Amish farm just outside Kinzers — served as the hub of a large-scale smuggling operation responsible for shipping hundreds of gallons of illicit product across state lines.

After sweeping past dozing cattle and roosters waiting to crow, the agents finally found what they had come for: dozens of coolers filled with unpasteurized milk. Continue reading


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Raw milk on TV on The Food Network

From the Liberation Wellness collection at Vodpod:

Click image above to go to Vodpod and view this video clip

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