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“False positive” in that Massachusetts “Brucellosis case” blamed on raw milk

I guess this science stuff isn’t all its cracked up to be!

From Bill Marler’s Food Safety News:

“A Massachusetts resident who first tested positive for brucellosis has now been confirmed to not have the infection, according to an email from the assistant commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR).

 “While initial test results did show up positive, further, more specific and accurate testing by the CDC confirmed that the person does not have brucellosis,” Nathan L’Etoile wrote in the message forwarded by the NOFA/Massachusetts Raw Milk Network. Continue reading

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Sandisfield, Massachusetts and Trenton, Maine join the list of towns with new food sovereignty ordinances

From David E. Gumpert at the Complete Patient blog:

“Two additional towns have approved the Food Sovereignty laws developed out of coastal Maine.

What may be the first town outside of Maine to approve such a law is Sandisfield, MA. Brigitte Ruthman, who has been battling with Massachusetts regulators over the legality of her one-cow herdshare, reports that her town earlier this months “adopted a resolution as follows…..’We the people of the town of Sandisfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, have the right to produce, process, sell, purchase and consume local foods thus promoting self-reliance, the preservation of family farms and local food traditions.'” Continue reading


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State raw milk legislation pending

From Pete Kennedy at Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund


A number of raw milk bills have been introduced in the state Houses in the current legislative session. What follows is a state-by-state summary of the bills that have been introduced.

IOWA – House File 394 (HF 394), a bill that will allow the sale of raw milk and raw milk products to individuals on the farm and through delivery by producers, has been voted out of the House Economic Growth Committee and now goes to the full House for a vote. Dairy farmers selling under the bill would be subject neither to licensing nor inspection. State law currently prohibits any sale of raw milk and raw milk products other than cheese aged sixty days or more. Continue reading

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Raw milk farming and cheese making internships offered in Massachusetts.

From the Greenhorn’s “The Irresistable Fleet of Bicycles” blog:

Picture via Greenhorns blog

Cricket Creek Farm is a small grass-based dairy in Western Massachusetts.  We make several award-winning cheeses from the milk of our registered herd of Brown Swiss and Jersey cows (currently milking about 20 cows).

In addition to the cheese, we sell raw milk from our farm store.  We also raise pigs and beef, as well as chickens for eggs.  We have a bakery located on the farm that supplies the store with fresh bread, cookies, granola, and other baked goods.

We are a member of Berkshire Grown and sell cheese to many shops & restaurants in the Berkshires. Continue reading

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New regulations would allow farmers to deliver raw milk to customers in Massachusetts

Christine Legere, writing for the Boston Globe:

Two raw-milk farms south of Boston are among 27 statewide that stand to benefit from legislation that would allow farms to deliver the product directly to their customers.

The bill, filed last month, would loosen current state regulations that allow raw, or unpasteurized, milk to be sold only on farm property where the cows are kept — a restriction that can mean a long trip for a few glasses of milk for the consumer.

In addition to allowing for delivery, the bill would allow farmers to sell raw milk from farm stands they own or rent, even if the stand isn’t on the property where the cows are milked. Continue reading

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Is raw milk cheese the next point of attack in the war against raw milk?

From a recent story on SlashFood blog by Max Shrem titled “Are raw milk cheeses safe?“:

Photo: kaight_ashbury, Flickr. Click image to go to Flickr page. Photo via Slash Food.com

“Are raw-milk cheeses healthful? Recent findings of Listeria monocytogenes, the bacteria that causes Listeria, in cheeses from Montesano, Washington’s Estrella Family Creamery in Missouri’s Morningland Dairy unequivocally suggest the contrary. Both dairies, which were inspected by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) officials within the past few months, are going to have a particularly hard time defending their raw-milk cheeses, especially since it’s just the latest raw-milk scare. Just last week, health officials found 25 E. coli O157:H7 infections linked to Bravo Farms’ raw-milk Gouda being sold at Costco stores in Colorado. Continue reading

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One-cow raw dairy targeted for “regulation” in Massachusetts

Here’s an excerpt from a recent sobering post from David E. Gumpert’s “The Complete Patient” blog:

Brigitte Ruthman at her Joshua's Farm. Photo via The Complete Patient blog.

“Lots of raw milk drinkers I meet when I’m out speaking before various food and green organizations about the ever-increasing intensity of the crackdown on raw milk and nutrient-dense foods tell me, “Well, if it gets real bad, I can always go out and buy my own cow or goat.” It that’s your fall-back strategy, the story I’m about to tell about the Massachusetts Department of Agriculture’s renewed crackdown on raw milk may make you squirm just a little. Continue reading

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