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York Region Public Health will meet to discuss raw milk situation with Elisa and farmshare group at 10:30 am today

Michael Schmidt posted this brief note last night, along with a blurred out screenshot of the email it refers to:

Glencolton farm share members with their milk, a few weeks ago in Thornhill.

“Vito Chiefari has agreed to the meeting with Elisa and the group as requested Thursday, October 22, 2015 at 10:30am. We’ll report back as soon as we can! As per Vito’s confidentiality requirement we cannot show the text of his email.”

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Raw milk crusader ends hunger strike after meeting with Ontario Premier

From Scott Dunn, QMI Agency, via the Toronto Sun:

Dairy farmer Michael Schmidt at a news conference at the raw milk blue bus in Vaughan, Ont. on September 17. Schmidt ended his hunger strike Friday after meeting with Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty Friday. (Dave Thomas/QMI Agency). Click image for source.

OWEN SOUND, ONT. – Raw milk crusader Michael Schmidt ended his hunger strike after meeting with Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty Friday.

“I never asked for a commitment from the premier,” said Schmidt said from Toronto. “We shook hands and (started) talking. That is enough for me to stop my hunger strike. That’s all what I was asking for.” Continue reading


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A word from Michael on today’s events

Greetings from farmer Michael Schmidt:

May I also add my voice of thanks to all of you who have sincerely rallied around the cause. It is not crucial what comes out of the press office from McGuinty what matters at the moment.

This moment of meeting McGuinty was crucial and more significant than he himself in fact imagines.

There was mutual respect, there was also the admission that he is no expert and has to rely on experts to make decisions. That itself has given us the opportunity to question the choice of experts and that it should be expanded to include those who have in fact experience how to produce raw milk for human consumption.

We will review our next steps. It was small step towards proper food rights and freedom of choice.

It was a huge step for McGuinty to in fact listen and show compassion. Continue reading


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Michael Schmidt’s 37 day hunger strike came to an end today after a meeting with Premier McGuinty at Queen’s Park

A news release from Michael Schmidt’s news officer:

Michael Schmidt at a Queen's Park news conference last month with native supporter Danny Beaton.

“This hunger strike was about starting a dialogue with the leader of this province,” states farmer and raw milk advocate Michael Schmidt. “I have been on this human journey for 17 years looking for constructive dialogue, and I have been dragged through the courts for a crime that has no victims.

My aim was simple: to take this to the top and to begin a conversation with our leader, one-on-one. To meet, as equal human beings, not as Premiere and Farmer. It was because of this that I undertook my hunger strike. And this morning, I met with Premiere McGuinty, in his office, and we have begun our dialogue, and because of this, I am ending my hunger strike today. Continue reading


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Raw milk cow share meeting Dec. 5th with Michael Schmidt, farmers and regular folks, in Regina Saskatchewan

Michael Schmidt met today with people in Saskatchewan who are interested in the cowshare approach to raw milk. He sends these pictures from the meeting:

Of course raw milk was an important part of the event!

About the workshops, Michael Schmidt wrote: “Great meeting in Regina. First with over 70 people and then with about 10 farmers discussing cow share Canada. Planning cow share college in the spring.” Continue reading

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Michael Schmidt to meet in Regina Saskatchewan December 5 with (would be) raw milk drinkers and farmers

Click on image above to go to Facebook page

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