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How a “niche player” takes over the marketplace — parable for raw milk?

From Christopher Mimms, writing in MIT’s “Technology Review”, an article titled “How the rise of Apple is just like the rise of mammals”. Could there be a parallel here with raw milk? 

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“The exceptional thing about Apple is not that it’s the most valuable consumer-facing brand in the world, that it has a market cap larger than Microsoft, or that its stock performance over the past decade bested Google. No, what’s different about Apple is that for a really long time—more than 20 of the 33 years it has been on this earth—it was a niche player. Continue reading

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Microsoft Execs for Orwellian internet

From a recent story on Chase Hunter’s “American Patriot Daily” blog:

Orwell on the Beeb -- a future whose time has come?

“New World Order elites and their corporate yes men are increasingly irate with the loud clear voice of the free internet, spawning as it has, a genuine grassroots lashback against Obama White House socialism, the American Tea Party Movement. That same movement may soon need to muster it’s resources and it’s loudest clearest voices again to make sure the internet which voices the will of the American people remains a free and open forum, untainted by corporate ownership and “licensing” of websites under an Orwellian sounding suggestion from Microsoft executive Craig Mundle:

“We need a kind of World Health Organization for the Internet.”

The hell we do, Craig. You need to butt out. Microsoft does not represent the best interests of the internet, and it never has. Microsoft only represents it’s own best interests in all situations and everyone knows it. That’s nothing new.

Chase Hunter Continue reading


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