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Two years, 2,132 posts, 800,000 hits

In honour of crossing the threshold to 800,000 hits, sometime early this morning, we’ve re-organized the blogroll into categories, hopefully making it more useful in the process. Thanks to our many readers, followers and contributors who’ve been a part of The Bovine community.

In the beginning... The Bovine's first post, from September 6, 2008. Click to go there.

Toronto Life christened raw milk as the news story that just won’t go away. It certainly has had a long run, starting in the early 1990s with the first Ontario milk war, which involved Michael Schmidt. Then after the legal process around that wound down, there were  twelve years of quiet, during which the health department bureaucracy saw fit to leave Michael and his cowshare members alone to continue their private arrangements.

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Two years, 1,279 posts, 400,000 hits

It’s time for another Bovine milestone post as we passed the 2 year mark earlier this month, and also crossed the 400,000 hit readership threshold.

Hits per day -- the peak at the right of the graph correlates with recent developments in B.C.

This is the 1,279th post so far on The Bovine. Stay tuned for still more exciting developments in the days and weeks to come. For instance, Michael Schmidt will be traveling to B.C. later this month to attend to Home on the Range matters.

And the latest word regarding the Province’s appeal of the January 2010 acquittal is that it will take place in February of 2011 — that’s according to Michael’s lawyer, Karen Selick.

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Tale of two calves is top story on Bovine

Only five days after being posted last Friday, Michael Schmidt’s report on his experiment raising two calves, one on raw milk and the other on pasteurized, has eclipsed all previous posts on the Bovine to become the most popular story of all time, with 7,700 hits as of this morning. Thanks to everyone who linked to it from Facebook and from their blogs!

Here's what the traffic graph for the Bovine looks like for the last couple of weeks, as of early Wednesday morning. The spikes on the right are from Michael's "Tale of Two Calves" story.

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500 days, 900 posts, 244,444 hits

Last Wesdnesday the Bovine posted its 900th story. And sometime this morning, the hit counter clocked over the magic number of 244,444. It now stands at 244, 495.

The Bovine blog was started on September 6th, 2008. So that’s been nearly 17 months of blogging — more than 500 days.

Thanks to our growing readership and to our regular and irregular contributors for leading us to the sources of raw milk knowledge.


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Download full text of the judge’s Jan. 21, 2010 decision in “Regina v. Schmidt”

Please note that this is a large file (28.4 Mb) as it is 41 pages of image scans. Be prepared for some heavy duty legal reading. Download that file here — look for the green box.

In case you’ve missed the story so far, Michael Schmidt was acquitted on all 19 charges, and the judge ruled that cowshares are outside the jurisdiction of regulators. So this is a significant ruling that could open the door to more cowshare farmers making raw milk available to more people.

It was a record breaking day yesterday on the Bovine with 2,510 hits, which surpassed our previous maximum by a good measure. Below is a screen grab from our stats page:

Traffic report on the Bovine for Jan. 21, 2010. This was a little before the end of the day.


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650 posts, 150,000 hits, 13 months

Sometime in the past couple days, the Bovine passed the 150,000 visitor mark and posted its 650th post. A big Bovine thank you to our many readers and writers who’ve helped make all this happen!

Graph of daily traffic on the Bovine from a couple days ago

Graph of daily traffic on the Bovine from a couple days ago

Just for fun, we thought we’d post some of the search terms people have used to find us on the web through search engines like Google (in approximate order of popularity):

Some of the most popular search terms of all time:

Manna Storehouse Raid — our most popular story ever, 2000 hits in one day

Josie Maran Milk

Michael Schmidt raw milk

A1 A2 milk

Some popular search terms from the past month:

Swine Flu

Milk Protein Concentrate

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Nine months — 500 posts, 92,999 hits

Yesterday was another milestone for the Bovine with 500 posts and nearly 93,000 hits over our first nine months. Thanks to all the many contributors, news sources and readers who’ve helped make the Bovine such a success. Let’s all raise a glass of raw milk together, in a toast to a bright future of food-choice freedom! 

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