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Standard milk-testing protocol on Fraser-Valley dairy farms in B.C.

Gordon Watson has passed along this letter he received from someone who’s experienced first-hand the standard milk-testing protocol that’s followed with regular commercial dairy farms in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia — which is where Home on the Range cowshare is located.

Milk trucker takes a sample for testing and stores it on ice until he can get it to the lab. Lego photo.

This letter is significant in view of the controversy over non-standard testing practices that seem to have been used by health officials to evaluate milk from “Home on the Range” cowshare. Here’s what he says:

“I  can tell you what my experience has been  with high bacterial count. First of all when I was herdsman for (name removed) farms. We were in the top three herds in B.C for low somatic milk count. Regarding the testing on milk pick up day (every two days) the milk truck driver would take a sample and immediately put it in a cooler with ice. Continue reading


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