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“Milkman” one of five old-school jobs that’s making a comeback in America

From Joe Mont on “The Street”:

One of Canada's obsolete occupations? Not so fast, eh.

“The neighborhood milkman is an indelible image of Americana. Dressed all in white, they would make door-to-door deliveries of milk, cream and butter with a smile and tip of their pristine cap.

The traditional milkman all but disappeared since a heyday in the 1940s and ’50s. A big reason was the emergence of large and local grocery stores that offered the appeal of one-stop shopping, as well as the “grab it fast” appeal of convenience stores. Improvements in home refrigeration and homogenization alike made use-it-or-lose-it milk purchases a thing of the past, and daily deliveries fell by the wayside. Continue reading


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The “Milkman” — an agent for change

From Kimberly Hartke, on her “Hartke is Online” blog:

The Milkman -- moving milk from pasture to porch. Photo via Kimberly Hartke

“I remember the milkman. Most of you maybe are too young to have such a memory. Every week, he delivered fresh milk, cream, cottage cheese to an insulated metal container on our back porch (placed there because it was the shady side of the house). He was a direct connect between us and the producer.

Excited, we would run to greet the milkman. We loved the products he brought and his nice smile. He would have a lively chat with my mom, tell her about new products and take her order for the next week. Continue reading


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Raw milk legal in India and Mexico?

Holy cow forages for edible cardboard while Indian milkman makes his rounds on a motorbike

Holy cow forages for edible cardboard in the streets while an Indian milkman makes his rounds on a motorbike. Quick, send them some Aid, so they can be just like us.

Here is a story from India, where they don’t have the benefit of USDA inspection, and where it seems their holy cows have to forage for cardboard on the streets…. and where the milkman rides a motorcycle. While this is not the way we’d like to see raw milk done in North America, it makes one wonder just how “robust” the product is, in terms of having it’s own immune system, if it can withstand this sort of a production and delivery. Photos and story are from “A Life in Mexico” blog, although it sounds as if the author took the pictures personally in India. Was he travelling or did he live there for a while? And as for raw milk being legal in India and Mexico, we’re only going by the info implied in this story, so if you know better, please comment.

“In Mexico milkmen still sell unpasteurized fresh milk dipped from milk cans directly into customer-supplied pots. Most sell from pickup trucks. One man in San Miguel de Allende plies his route on the back of a burro, cans slung over its back. Occasionally I see Mexican milk sellers using motorbikes. In India, motorcycles seem to be the preferred distribution vehicle….” Continue reading


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