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Michael Schmidt, media, landowners at Mark Tijssen’s trial in Ottawa Tuesday for slaughtering and sharing a pig

Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt reports from the Mark Tijssen trial in Ottawa yesterday:

The case attracts media interest. Mark Tijssen, flanked by Michael Schmidt, talks to television reporters

Why are those who claim to protect the public such cowards? Continue reading


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Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt and home butcher Mark Tijssen in Ottawa

Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt reports from Ottawa:

Mark Tijssen with Michael Schmidt in front of the Supreme Court building in Ottawa recently

A pig died for a worthwhile cause

It was not clear at the time of the pigs death what impact it would have at the political arena in Ottawa. Continue reading


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It was four years ago today that Ministry of Natural Resources officers raided Glencolton Farms over raw milk

Michael Schmidt has chosen these pictures to represent this decisive event in the history of raw milk in Ontario:

First block all traffic in or out of the farm

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Soldier fights fine for sharing pig

The following story, titled “Defending our Constitutional right to freedom of choice — MNR undercover sting operation: sharing of a single home-slaughtered pig” is from Canada Free Press and is credited to the Ontario Landowners:

Michael Schmidt helped Mark Tijssen with his defense July 8th, on charges relating to sharing a pig.

“The Carlsbad Springs MNR meat scandal goes back to court; this time with help from recently acquitted dairy farmer Michael Schmidt of Grey-Bruce. Mark Tijssen will be appearing at 13:30 on July 8th at the courthouse at 100 Constellation Crescent in Ottawa’s west end. Tijssen is facing four charges stemming from a lengthy undercover sting operation in November 2009 relating to the sharing of a single home-slaughtered pig. Continue reading


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MNR stages a Michael Schmidt style raid on an Army Major butchering a pig in his garage for himself and a friend

The amateur butcher of Carlsbad Springs, Major Mark Tijssen with his sons. Landowner photo.

When I first read the story that follows, in the recent Dec. Jan. Landowner magazine, my first reaction was to note many similarities to the story of the raid on Michael Schmidt’s raw milk dairy farm in November of 2006. Continue reading


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Four days to a verdict in the Michael Schmidt raw milk trial — prosecutor wants to proceed immediately with sentencing in case of a guilty verdict

This just in from raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt in Durham, Ontario:

The original document, as received by farmer Michael Schmidt

The text of the letter reads:

“We confirm that the judgement after trial in these matters, and in the related Ministry of Natural Resources prosecutions involving you, will be given on 21 January 2010 at the Newmarket Provincial Offenses Court. Continue reading


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Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt, “Durham’s Dairy Desperado”, will be convicted or exonerated in eight days time, on January 21st in Newmarket

Michael has finally been able to get his hands on a photo from the time when he rode into town for the Olympic flame parade with his son and one of the farm’s helpers.

Durham's Dairy Desperados -- the raw milkers -- ride into town to join the Olympic flame parade.

It was looking to be a slow news day towards the end of December for Globe and Mail reporter Kate Hammer, who was covering the passage of the Olympic torch as it made its way across the hinterland. But when Michael Schmidt and his band of cowboys rode into town to join the parade, she took advantage of the opportunity to write a story on “Durham’s Dairy Desperado” — or at least that’s how Michael tells it. Continue reading

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