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Update on raw milk farmer Michael Hartmann — Minnesota Public Radio

Mark Steil on MPR news:

Worthington, Minn. — State officials say a southern Minnesota dairy farmer accused of selling E. coli contaminated unpasteurized milk is in contempt of court.

The Minnesota agriculture department says Michael Hartmann has ignored department and court orders banning the sale or use of hundreds of food items at his farm.

When inspectors went to the Hartmann farm near Gibbon, Minn. last week they had a big surprise. Most of the embargoed food which Hartmann was supposed to be storing, had disappeared. A district court judge had upheld the embargo just last month, and ordered the food be destroyed. Continue reading

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Michael Hartmann facing contempt of court charges and possible felony for supplying raw milk in Minnesota

Mark Steil, writing for Minnesota Public Radio news:

“A southern Minnesota dairy farmer accused of selling contaminated raw milk that sickened 15 people has a contempt of court hearing today in a Sibley County courtroom.

State Agriculture Department officials say Michael Hartmann has ignored a court-approved embargo placed on his food. Criminal charges are rare in food-borne illness cases, but state authorities have said the case could warrant felony charges.

So far, the contempt of court allegation is the state’s most serious legal action in the 8-month-old case.

The state has cited Hartmann with a long list of violations, most of which the Gibbon-area farmer denies. Continue reading


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Minnesota regulators execute a search warrant on home of raw milk consumer

Thanks to Joanne for bringing this story to our attention. Here’s an excerpt from a recent report from Minnesota Public Radio news:

Photo via Minnesota Public Radio

“Worthington, Minn. — The state’s raw milk investigation apparently has expanded beyond the farm linked to an E. coli outbreak that sickened eight people. Continue reading

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