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“Film exposes government raids on small farms” — Washington Times review of Farmageddon movie

From Jessica Claire Haney in the Washington Times:

Official movie poster for Farmageddon.

“WASHINGTON, June 18, 2011 – Slow Food D.C. hosted the world premiere yesterday of the documentary film Farmageddon: The Unseen War on American Family Farms for an enthusiastic, sold-out crowd. The film, directed by Kristin Canty, tells the story of several family farms that were raided by the FDA and the USDA at great taxpayer expense for questionable reasons.

A mother of four, Canty undertook the project upon being met with disbelief when she talked about raids on small farms. “I told everybody,” she said, “but no one would listen.” Since people didn’t believe that the federal government would spend so much money and time to try to limit consumers’ choices and put small farms out of business through raids, Canty felt compelled to shed light on the issue. Continue reading

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James Beard award winning doc on raw milk and Michael Schmidt, “Milk War”, is screening in New York on June 19th


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Farmageddon movie is opening this summer: Washington, New York, L.A.

Publicist Kimberly Hartke promotes the new movie "Farmageddon" at falls church farmers market. Click image to go to the movie's website to watch the trailer and learn more.

Farmageddon…The Unseen War on American Family Farms is playing in: Continue reading


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“Milk War” screening in New Jersey

From Renee Kiriluk-Hill at the Hunterdon Democrat, via NJ.com:

“DELAWARE TWP. — Louis Pasteur developed the modern process of heating food to slow microbial growth with thoughts of keeping beer and wine from spoiling. More than a quarter-century later, in the late 1800s, a German agricultural chemist suggested pasteurizing milk, which also extends its shelf-life.

But “milk” is what most people think of when they hear “pasteurization” and in most states, including New Jersey, it’s illegal to sell “raw milk.” But a movement is under way to change that; a bill has cleared the state Assembly and is before the Senate that would allow the sale.

People who want to learn more are invited to a meeting on Wednesday, June 1 at 7:30 p.m. at the township Municipal Building in Sergeantsville. Rutgers University professor Joseph Heckman will speak and the documentary “Milk War” will be shown. Questions and comments will be taken. Continue reading

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New review of the movie “Fresh”

Russ reviews the movie “Fresh” on his “Volatility” website:

“Last week I went to a screening of the movie, “Fresh”, about the corporate food system and how to restore sane farming practices. It’s an excellent primer on the basics, with lots of inspiring as well as harrowing images.

Much of the attack is against CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations), AKA factory farms. These are a physical, moral, aesthetic, and socioeconomic disaster. They’ve been the form of concentration of cattle, hogs, and chickens, destroying innumerable autonomous farmers in America, Eastern Europe, indirectly in Africa, and elsewhere. Continue reading

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“Queen of the Sun” doc about bees

Roger Ebert, from RogerEbert.com:

Bees are often under-appreciated for the important role they play in fertilizing food plants.

“In the Central Valley of California, there are 500,000 acres of almond trees. All almond trees. Nothing but almond trees. This is wrong. It is not natural. For these trees to bear almonds, they must be pollinated. But bees cannot live there, for there is nothing to sustain them when the trees are not in blossom. So hives containing millions of bees must be trucked more than a thousand miles, and then trucked back again. Continue reading

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“Milk War” producer interviewed about making the James Beard nominated doc — about raw milk and Michael Schmidt

Twenty Questions on the movie “Milk War”

In view of the upcoming Toronto screening of the latest raw milk documentary “Milk War” at 5 pm on Sunday May 1, 2011 at the Toronto Underground Cinema, we thought we’d interview producer Richard Paradiso about his experiences of exploring raw milk and working with Declan O’Driscoll on making the movie. So here goes:

THE BOVINE: When you started on this project in 2006, what was your initial perspective on the topic of raw milk? Continue reading

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