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Tester-Hagen as stealth NAIS in S-510

The latest insights from David E. Gumpert on his “The Complete Patient” blog:

“The Tester-Hagan Amendment was supposed to be the savior of S510, giving smaller producers an exemption from the worst requirements of the so-called food safety legislation. Now, it turns out, the amendment may be the great black hole of the entire food safety steamroller. 

While the lawyers are trying to figure out ways to finagle around the U.S. Senate’s error in venturing into the U.S. House’s territory by initiating revenue-generating legislation, another hole has opened in the crumbling dike that is S510. (Even The Wall Street Journal, normally a supporter of the FDA, has come out against it, stealing some of my lines, it seems.) Continue reading


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Food Crimes? — FDA agents attempt investigation of Amish farmer in PA and Seize Cancer Curandero in Ecuador

Here’s an excerpt from a recent story from the National Independent Consumers and Farmers Association:

Is this an unAmerican way of farming? Amish farmer tills crop without involving petro-chemical or pharmaceutical or agribiz products. What is the world coming to? No wonder the FDA investigates.

Kinzers, PA – At 9:40 a.m. last Thursday, February 4, only a few miles from the scene of the Nickel Mines Amish massacre of 2006, another drama against the Amish began as agents of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) came onto the property of Amish farmer Dan Allgyer, without permission, claiming to be conducting an investigation. Continue reading

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N.A.I.S. undead in regulatory limbo?

David Gumpert cautions those who would like to feel optimistic:

Much ado about Animal I.D. -- Front Porch Republic photo

“One of the sad realizations I’ve come to over the last few years in writing about raw milk is that proponents can’t let their guards down in battling with government officials.

Farmers and consumers alike want so badly to believe that public officials are decent, reasonable, and benevolent, and I have no doubt that some are. But if you look at what’s happened in Wisconsin—and it’s not an isolated example—the relationship between the regulators and the people being regulated is totally adversarial.

The regulators are cold, hard-edged battlers who see the people as an enemy, to be beaten into submission. Any pulling back by the people is interpreted as weakness, an opening to be exploited. Continue reading

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“Food Control is People Control”

When I was back there in agriculture school, writing for Farm and Country, I wrote an article with the headline “Grower charges Turkey Board policy is Communism”. These days it’s beginning to look as if that grower might have been right about where agriculture was going — i.e. towards more Soviet-style centralized control. The following story is by Grant Hagen, reprinted from rural heritage.com:

Does the long dead ghost of Josuf Stalin haunt American food policies like N.A.I.S.?

“When the Communists took over the Ukraine, the bread basket of Europe, about 70 years ago, they destroyed or stole all food and animals, starving to death 7 million people. Today Zimbabwe, the bread basket of Africa, has had its farms destroyed and is on the verge of starvation. Is our country next?

Today Communism has become less visible. However, groups with the same globalist views are nearing completion of their goals.

Groups like the socialist Council on Foreign Relations [founded in New York in 1921 with the goal of ending American sovereignty the membership of which has included several past presidents including Bill Clinton], the Trilateralists [a related group founded in 1973 for the purpose of seizing control of the United States government and consolidating its political, monetary, intellectual, and ecclesiastical powers], Skull and Bones [a highly secret Yale University society whose select members have included some of the most powerful men of the 20th century, including President George Bush] are having great success creating a world dictatorship. Continue reading

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N.A.I.S. in Court — “Premises” doesn’t exist unless defined on property title!

Paul Griepentrog reports from court in Wisconsin on the PPJ blog:

Sample ID card -- Is "Premises ID" an elaborate fiction with no basis in law?

“Having attended the trial of Pat and Melissa Monchilovich at Balsam Lake, I found it more like viewing a site being cleared by a bulldozer.  Judge Molly GaleWyrick cleared the path for Wisconsin’s Department of Agriculture to further its agenda of an alleged disease control program.   The Media in their true slanted fashion picked away at the obstructions around the edges, avoiding the hard facts like stones. Continue reading

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NAIS resisters prosecuted in Wisconsin

This just in from the PPJ Gazette:


By: Paul Griepentrog

“Today, October 21, 2009 in Wisconsin Circuit Court, Polk County, Judge Molly E Galewyrick found the Monchilovich couple guilty of failure to register premises.

The only organization present supporting Pat and Melissa was the Wisconsin Independent Consumer and Farmers Association n/a. (WICFA n/a)

No other groups or associations sent representatives to support Monchilovich or provided pre-trial support or resources….”

See our earlier related story on Amish Farmers prosecuted for failing to register for NAIS


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Is NAIS enforcement beginning? — Amish man in Wisconsin is charged with failing to register his premises

Here’s an excerpt from the story, by Kenny Fox of R-CALF USA, via Op-Ed News:

“Billings, Mont. – It appears that in the state of Wisconsin, which has mandated the first prong of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA’s) National Animal Identification System (NAIS) through agency rule making, prosecution of individuals opposed to NAIS has begun.

On Sept. 23, 2009, an Amish gentleman named Emanuel J. Miller, Jr., was taken to Clark County Court in Neillsville, Wis., for an evidentiary hearing on complex civil forfeiture for failing to register his premises. The case immediately moved to the first stage of trial. Miller and his father, as well as their church deacon, testified as to their objections to being forced to use the NAIS premises identification number (PIN). As USDA has proudly proclaimed in many glossy brochures, premises registration is the “first step” in the NAIS, and the Wisconsin Amish have become quite aware of this.

On Oct. 21, 2009, in Polk County, Wis., R-CALF USA Members Pat and Melissa Monchilovich are going to trial for the same charges of complex civil forfeiture. Pat and his wife raise cattle in Cumberland, Wis., and have failed to register their property as a premises with the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture and Consumer Protection, as Wisconsin’s Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) requires by regulation.

This is the tip of the NAIS iceberg. One could look upon Wisconsin as the sentinel case in the enforcement measures necessary to bring this nation’s citizens into compliance with NAIS. Continue reading


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