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Michael Schmidt’s raw milk power point presentation from the National Farmers Union convention in December 2010

Apparently people have been asking about a downloadable version of Michael Schmidt’s presentation on raw milk from the NFU convention in Saskatoon. Well, here it is. But to open and view it, you’ll need power point or an equivalent program on your computer.

Michael Schmidt joined other raw milk supporters in Vancouver last year for a rally.

Go to the foodrightsalliance.ca website to download the file from the link that looks like: Continue reading

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Open discussion about dairy supply management at the National Farmers Union convention in Saskatoon

Once again, here’s Ian Cumming, writing for the Ontario Farmer, this time about reactions to his speech on the problems with Canada’s dairy quota system (titled “The Bishops’ Control”):

Farmer and journalist, Ian Cumming, at the annual National Farmers Union convention in Saskatoon earlier this month, where he spoke on dairy supply management. Photo courtesy of Michael Schmidt

The line-ups at the two floor microphones in the Saskatoon hotel ballroom were pretty long, right after the four panel speakers – including me – had all finished our speeches concerning supply management at the NFU Canadian convention. Continue reading

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First ever open debate about raw milk between Michael Schmidt and a public health representative, in Saskatoon

Ian Cumming reports on this precedent-setting event for The Ontario Farmer:

Michael Schmidt and Dr. Buckingham seated to the right of the speaker. Photo via Michael Schmidt

“SASKATOON -Legalizing raw milk in Canada was the opening debate at the NFU Canadian convention, between Michael Schmidt, a raw milk shipper from Ontario and Dr. Robert Buckingham, Dean of the School of Public Health, University of Saskatchewan. Continue reading


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Is greed the real driver behind Canada’s dairy supply management monopoly?

The following is a story titled “Supply management’s problems probed at NFU convention” and subtitled ““Greed” Drives Quota Cost, Says Delegate”. The story is by Daniel Winters, Co-operator staff, Saskatoon. (Sorry, can’t find a link for this online. We received it by email through Michael Schmidt):

Farmer and journalist Ian Cumming slags Canada's dairy supply management system at the National Famers Union convention earlier this month in Saskatoon, while Dairy Farmers of Canada board member Barron Blois (second from the left) looks on. Photo via Michael Schmidt

“In the end, do our children benefit over the long term with an industry that is kept overpriced, stagnant and uncompetitive?”

What do Amish bishops and Canada’s supply management officials have in common? Continue reading


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CBC TV Saskatoon also follows local raw milk developments at National Farmers Union and with Michael Schmidt

Michael Schmidt sends these pictures:

CBC TV journalist standing outside the corporation's Saskatoon studios. Note how the sign indicates that CBC radio and TV services in Saskatoon share the same studio address. Thus the crossover of coverage on the raw milk issue which Michael Schmidt describes in his commentary below.

Michael said that when he was in the studio for the radio call in show described in the post below “CBC TV Saskatoon  jumped on the story as well and taped interviews regarding the raw milk issue.”

Continue reading

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Michael Schmidt wants to meet with dairy farmers in Saskatchewan who are at all interested in raw milk (early Dec.)

From a post on the Cool Springs Ranch blog by Janeen Covlin:

“Michael Schmidt wants to meet with Saskatchewan raw dairy fans and farmers on either  December 5 or 6 (after the National Farmers Union Convention that he’s speaking at). The exact date and place isn’t decided yet  but keep this in mind.  We want to reach ALL who have even a remote interest in Raw milk (to drink or produce) So those of you have other “sources”, please let them know, so they can let others know

I’m very excited about the vision he has for Canada and raw milk – although he won in Ontario, the other provinces are doing their best to not let that be the precident for the rest of Canada.  Michael is leading the movement to make Cow Shares legal on a Canada-wide basis.  He says this won’t be won by farmers, it’ll be won by consumers uniting to demand it!  When this battle is won, I can guarentee there will be all kinds of small, grassed-based dairies spring up to meet the demand!  Continue reading


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National Farmers Union Ontario wants to see the raw milk market regulated

This story, titled “Time to get raw milk out of the grey and black market” was sent to us by Pam Killeen. It’s from the National Farmers Union Ontario and is by Grant Robertson:

Farmer Michael Schmidt -- pictured here in his farm milkroom -- may have opened the door to new niche market possibilities for farmers. But the National Farmers Union feels regulation is needed.

It is time for a grown up discussion about raw milk.  For far too long the discussion has been centred on whether or not drinking raw milk will kill you, or whether it will cure everything under the sun.  The truth, like most things, is probably somewhere in the middle.  Let’s also be frank, there was good reason that government moved to require the pasteurization of milk and those moves undoubtedly saved countless lives over the intervening decades. Continue reading


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