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“Got raw milk” — Michael Schmidt’s keynote at NOFA — news on NJ.com

From Today’s Sunbeam, on NJ.com:

“The Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Jersey will hold its 2012 Winter Conference on Jan. 28 and 29 at Princeton University’s Friend Center. Farmers, gardeners, cooks and people who care about healthy farming for a better world will be there.

Last year’s event attracted 400 people from New Jersey and surrounding states, and even more are expected for this year’s expanded agenda, two full days instead of last year’s day and a half.

The “Radical Homemaker” herself, Shannon Hayes of Sap Bush Hollow Farm in Warnerville, N.Y., will kick off the conference with her talk, “The End of Consumerism.  Hayes’ research and writings about homemaking as an ecological movement have landed her and her family on the pages and airwaves of the New York Times, National Public Radio, The Atlantic, Yes! Magazine and many more. Continue reading


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Michael Schmidt keynote speaker at NOFA, New Jersey in January 2012

Michael Schmidt has been invited to be a keynote speaker at this winter’s NOFA conference in Princeton New Jersey:


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Joseph Heckman, Rutgers University prof, raises raw milk issue on campus

From Andrea Alexander on Rutgers.edu:

“Professor Joseph Heckman’s advocacy to legalize the sale of raw milk in New Jersey has made him the target of some harsh criticism. One Rutgers food scientist recently accused Heckman of championing a product that is potentially deadly.

But Heckman, a professor of soil science, is not backing down. He passionately believes in the benefits of raw – or unpasteurized- milk and said he has the scientific literature to back it up.  He cites studies that have shown drinking raw milk helps to alleviate allergies and asthma. Continue reading

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New Jersey raw milk advocates hold out hope for passage of new legislation

From Carmen Juri/The Star Ledger, on NJ.com:

A herd of Jersey Cows feeds on a Orchard grass mix in addition to eating field grass at Birchwood Farms. Mike Tierney, owner of Birchwood Farms in Pennsylvania, sells raw milk he produces form a herd of 34 Jersey Cows. Farmers cannot sell raw milk in New Jersey, but that doesn't stop New Jersey residents from traveling out of state to get their fix. A large number of his customers are from New Jersey. Photo: Robert Sciarrino/The Star-Ledger

When Tina Shallis runs out of milk, it’s time for a road trip.

The Edison resident drives 90 miles round trip to Birchwood Farms in Pennsylvania to buy six gallons of unpasteurized milk — enough to last 10 days for drinking and making ice cream or kefir.

And, here’s the kicker: She pays $8 a gallon, about twice the amount of a gallon of pasteurized milk at the supermarket.

“It is well worth it,” said Shallis, a mother of two.  Continue reading

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Bill to legalize raw milk in New Jersey passed in assembly; now to the Senate

From Andre Malok, in NJ.com:

Click image above to go to NJ.com to watch video

“New Jersey is one of 11 states in the U.S. where the production and sale of raw milk is not yet allowed by law. Continue reading


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Crimes against raw milk in New Jersey

From Russ on the “Volatility” blog:

“New Jersey is one of several states which explicitly criminalize the sale of raw milk. It’s therefore at the extreme end of a motley array of possible state attitudes. While the federal bureaucracy (no law) also criminalizes the transport of raw milk over state lines*, it’s up to the states to decide what happens within their borders. (The FDA often lobbies against decriminalization.)

[*This includes, according to a recent FDA assertion, the customer himself going to another state to purchase raw milk and then bringing it back home. The government soothingly claims it has no intention of trying to arrest or otherwise sanction such individual purchasers, but it wants to reserve the right to do so. Of course, it was just a year ago, in promulgating its totalitarian brief in the FTCLDF lawsuit, that the FDA claimed it had no aggressive enforcement plans against dairies and raw milk co-ops. That was proven to be a lie within weeks.] Continue reading

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“People should be allowed to buy raw milk in New Jersey” — local editorial

From Hunterdon County Democrat Editorial Board  via NJ.com:

People are allowed to buy and ingest a lot of things that could cause illness or even death. Spinach, tomatoes, eggs, bread, bottled water, smoked fish, spices, ground beef, cheese and herbs are some of the products recalled in recent times because of outbreaks of food poisoning.

Cigarettes, tobacco and alcohol may be legally sold to adults, but carry warning labels.

Raw milk, on the other hand, is illegal in all but 11 states, including New Jersey.

Opposition to raw milk comes from multiple fronts, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, some farmers who send their milk for processing and worry that a food-borne illness from raw milk would taint the entire industry, and state officials concerned about potential insurance problems on raw milk farms. Continue reading

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