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Editorial on Raw Milk in Metroland’s Newmarket Era-Banner Newspaper

From a recent editorial in the the Era-Banner:

“There is a growing trend in society toward more natural food consumption.

What began with people buying products directly from farmers at local markets, through farm share programs or at actual farms, has spread to grocery store shelves through the growth of things such as organic products, hormone- and antibiotic-free meat selections and packaged food that’s free of artificial colours and flavours.

By and large, the trend is a good thing. The fewer unnatural additions to food, the better, if only because we don’t have adequate research on the long-term effects of some food additives. Continue reading

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Michael Schmidt sentenced to pay $9,150 but an appeal is on the way

Canadian Press story, via the Kitchener-Waterloo Record:

Flanked by supporters and television cameras, the self-described Godfather of raw milk, Michael Schmidt, raises a toast following his sentencing last Friday in Newmarket court.

“NEWMARKET, ONT. — Raw milk crusader Michael Schmidt was handed a $9,150 fine and one year of probation Friday on convictions related to selling and distributing unpasteurized milk.

In an interview after the sentence was handed down in a packed Newmarket, Ont., courtroom, Schmidt said he would not be paying the fine.

“I’d rather go to prison than pay the fine, and that’s a matter of principle,” he said. “If I pay the fine, then this is almost like an admittance of guilt.” Continue reading


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VIDEO: Michael Schmidt’s sentencing Friday November 25th in Newmarket

From Rawmilkklimwar channel on YouTube.com

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Michael Schmidt to be sentenced Friday Nov. 25 on raw milk charges from 2006

From a news release sent out today:

Farmer Michael Schmidt at yesterday's food rights rally at Queen's Park.

On September 28th, 2011, Justice Peter Tetley reversed a lower court decision, on appeal from the Province, finding Michael guilty of 15 charges arising from a raid on his Durham area farm, on November 23rd 2006.

The court acquittal which this decision reversed was handed down in January 2010 and was hailed by food rights activists across the continent for its recognition of consumers’ right to engage in private cowshare contracts with farmers.

Since his acquittal, Michael Schmidt has become a leading figure in North America for his raw milk and food rights advocacy. Michael has intervened in raw milk cases in B.C. and Alberta, and developed a training and certification program for farmers, Cow Share Canada. Continue reading


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Michael Schmidt sentencing tomorrow

From Michael’s lawyer, Karen Selick (“reprinted” from earlier):

Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt with lawyer Karen Selick of the Canadian Constitution Foundation, seen here at a Queen's Park news conference from February 2010

The sentencing hearing for Michael Schmidt will take place on Friday, November 25, 2011 at 9:30 a.m. Continue reading


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Pat Winter is camped out at the Ontario Superior Court of Justice waiting for the Michael Schmidt raw milk verdict which was promised for “sometime tomorrow”

It was a dark and rainy morning at the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in Newmarket....

This post will consist of a series of text messages sent from Pat’s Blackberry, providing updates throughout the day. Check back often to follow the latest developments in the story. Messages will be posted here in reverse chronological order with most recent messages appearing at the top.

This is entirely Pat’s initiative. No one asked her to do it. It’s all about freedom and taking personal responsibility for things. In today’s world where would we be if people didn’t feel empowered to take action on things that matter to them? If there’s a deeper message here, it’s how passionately some people feel about this issue. Continue reading


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Raw milk decision not expected until July in Michael Schmidt appeal case

From the Canadian Press via the [Kitchener Waterloo] Record.com:

Michael Schmidt (left) shares a celebratory glass of raw milk with supporters

“NEWMARKET, ONT. — Lawyers for the provincial government are arguing that an Ontario judge made critical legal errors when he ruled in favour of raw milk crusader Michael Schmidt.

Last year, justice of the peace Paul Kowarsky threw out 19 charges against Schmidt related to selling and distributing raw milk.

The Health Protection and Promotion Act makes it illegal to sell unpasteurized milk in Canada because it’s considered a health hazard. It is, however, legal to drink raw milk.

Kowarsky ruled that Schmidt’s method of distribution — a cow-share program he had started for raw milk consumers — made him exempt from the legislation. Continue reading

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