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Farmers Union invites consumers to join anti-GM-Alfalfa action April 9th

From the National Farmers Union:

Future farmers of Canada? Photo via National Farmers Union.

The National Farmers Union in Ontario has called for a national day of action for April 9, 2013 to stop the commercial release of GM alfalfa.

On March 2, 2013 at the NFU Region 3 Convention/NFU-Ontario AGM passed the resolution: “Be it resolved that the National Farmers Union – Ontario call on farm organizations in Ontario and across Canada, other civil society organizations and concerned consumers to join NFU-O members in a day of action against the release of GM alfalfa to be held at MP’s constituency offices on April 9, 2013.” Continue reading

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NFU will double your donations to Cow Share Canada to help legalize raw milk

With a little help from our friends... Michael Schmidt talks with a couple of supporters after being sentenced in late November of 2011.

The Grey Local Executive of the National Farmers Union has decided to support the Cow Share Canada campaign to legalize direct-farm sales of milk.

They say they will match up to $5,000.00 in donations made by February 1, 2012.

If you would like to support this cause, make cheques payable to the “National Farmers Union – Grey Local” and send them to:

Kristine Hammel,
Grey Local Secretary/Treasurer,
R.R. #3 Allenford, Ont.,
N0H 1A0.

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First Cow Share Canada accredited raw milk farm targeted by Gov’t agents

Press Statement [from Michael Schmidt] regarding recent inappropriate anti raw milk actions by Government agents in Ontario:

Farm of Cathy and Paul Noble, near Arthur, Ontario. Photos from yesterday's meeting.

Government Agencies of Ontario on behalf of certain interest groups has been trying lately to jeopardize and undermine the current legal standing of cow shares in Ontario.

Michael Schmidt’s acquittal on all charges relating to the Milk Act and the Health and Promotion Act has created concerns within the dairy industry, and related Government Agencies. Continue reading


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Michael Schmidt wants to meet with dairy farmers in Saskatchewan who are at all interested in raw milk (early Dec.)

From a post on the Cool Springs Ranch blog by Janeen Covlin:

“Michael Schmidt wants to meet with Saskatchewan raw dairy fans and farmers on either  December 5 or 6 (after the National Farmers Union Convention that he’s speaking at). The exact date and place isn’t decided yet  but keep this in mind.  We want to reach ALL who have even a remote interest in Raw milk (to drink or produce) So those of you have other “sources”, please let them know, so they can let others know

I’m very excited about the vision he has for Canada and raw milk – although he won in Ontario, the other provinces are doing their best to not let that be the precident for the rest of Canada.  Michael is leading the movement to make Cow Shares legal on a Canada-wide basis.  He says this won’t be won by farmers, it’ll be won by consumers uniting to demand it!  When this battle is won, I can guarentee there will be all kinds of small, grassed-based dairies spring up to meet the demand!  Continue reading


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