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Health blogger under fire in N. Carolina

From Raine Saunders on Agriculture Society:

“Today I’m expressing my opposition to what’s going on in the State of North Carolina. A blogger named Steve Cooksey of Diabetes Warrior maintains a chronicle of his health journey, detailing how how he’s managed his disease.

The North Carolina State Board of Dietetics (members of the American Dietetics Association) has formally objected to his blogging activities, and he is now facing 120 days jail time. For what, you may ask. Writing about how he is healing himself without drugs and conventional approaches to his diagnosis of Diabetes.

When he was originally diagnosed, he was recommended to take insulin and consume the Standard American Diet of government recommendations, including My Plate (formerly the Food Pyramid) and a regimen of pharmaceutical drugs. Since then, he has been in the process of reversing his condition by not taking conventional advice. Continue reading


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North Carolina threatens to shut down blogger over “practicing nutrition without a license”

Just another entry in the annals of state follies? A blogger who was too much “in their face”? Nevertheless, it’s disquieting that the coercive power of the state would be deployed to enforce dogmas around nutritional advice. I wonder if there are ANY serious health researchers out there (who have not been bought and sold into compliance) who have any respect for the official government nutritional recommendations. I mean really, just for example, are governments going to tell you to not eat GMOs? Maybe for a while longer in Poland, but good luck if you’re living in North America. From Sara Burrows, at Carolina Journal Online:

“CHARLOTTE — The North Carolina Board of Dietetics/Nutrition is threatening to send a blogger to jail for recounting publicly his battle against diabetes and encouraging others to follow his lifestyle.

Chapter 90, Article 25 of the North Carolina General Statutes makes it a misdemeanor to “practice dietetics or nutrition” without a license. According to the law, “practicing” nutrition includes “assessing the nutritional needs of individuals and groups” and “providing nutrition counseling.” Continue reading


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The absurdity of raw milk prohibition

This Carolina Journal Online columnist gives voice to a sentiment that seems to be growing across North America these days in regard to raw milk. Continued prohibition is just not making any sense. Why should governments be cutting back on everything from meat inspectors  to social services, while at the same time pouring what must be vast amounts of public money into prosecuting peaceful farmers who’ve finally figured out how to make a living providing something people want, and model citizens who are just trying to feed their families with what they see as the best and most nourishing foods they can find.

Are we missing something here? Who’s driving the rabid anti-raw milk agenda that we’re seeing from the FDA and other enforcers of the dairy status quo?

From the Carolina Journal Online:

This week’s “Daily Journal” guest columnist is Fergus Hodgson (@FergHodgson), John Locke Foundation Director of Fiscal Policy Studies.

RALEIGH — Picture a peaceful, Amish farmer, selling one of nature’s super foods — fresh, raw milk. Eager customers came from afar, even across state lines, to savor the taste and access a nutritious product. Who could oppose such harmonious commerce on Rainbow Acres Farm? Continue reading


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Why does the FDA pay extra to spread the bad news when it’s about raw milk?

From David E. Gumpert on Health Impact News Daily:

“There’s news about a possible outbreak of campylobacter from raw milk in North Carolina, that likely affected three people, and possibly affected as many as eight.

Now, chances are you’ve read that news elsewhere, such as on the many lawyer web sites that play up seemingly every food outbreak, or in national media, like Forbes, or in a number of local media news and television stories.

All kinds of anti-raw-dairy folks are climbing on the bandwagon, as well, including Cattle Network, a trade publication, which is using the announcement to fan the flames, and even to push its idea that veterinarians should be FDA spies, reporting on dairies that distribute raw milk. Just what we need, more spies, more repression. Continue reading


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North Carolina raw milk drinkers fight state law forcing them underground

Here’s a story from North Carolina about raw milk “adherents” and the lengths to which they’ll go to get their preferred food. This is an excerpt from a story by Sara Burrows in the Carolina Journal:

“RALEIGH — Mothers, teachers, doctors, and church members are meeting their dealers in barns and on back doorsteps, paying cash for an illicit substance they say they just can’t live without: raw milk.

Yes, that’s right, milk – unpasteurized, nonhomogenized, raw milk. It’s illegal to sell for human consumption in North Carolina and 24 other states.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says drinking it is like “playing Russian roulette” and the state epidemiologist compares it to “heroin” and “mercury,” but a growing number of raw milk junkies say they will travel any distance and pay any price to obtain it. Some are prepared to go to court to protect what they claim is a right to consume raw milk.

Pasteurized milk, they say, just isn’t the same. They say pasteurization kills good bacteria, destroys enzymes necessary for absorbing vitamins and minerals, and denatures fragile proteins. Continue reading


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