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Raw milk farmer celebrates acquittal with operetta — “Milk Trial by Jury” opens tonite at Symphony in the Barn

From a post yesterday on Toronto Life.com:

A celebratory moment from a dress rehearsal of "Milk Trial by Jury", which opens tonight.

“Remember Michael Schmidt, the dairy farmer that went through a long court battle after being charged with distributing raw milk? Well, looks like Schmidt is extending his fame with a comedic operetta, Milk Trial By Jury, about his saga. (We’re curious how he’ll pull off the police raid with musical pizzazz.) Its three-day run begins tomorrow (quick, get on the ticket-purchasing!) at Schmidt’s own arts venue Symphony in the Barn in Durham and stars Donna Ellen Trifunovich from the Vienna State Opera as well as tenor Mitch Smolkin….” Continue reading

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The stage is set for the world premiere of “Milk Trial by Jury” this weekend, July 30th, 31st and August 1st

All the world’s a stage, and after all the rehearsals we’ve been to over the past few years, it’s now time for the command performance of this high drama which pits all the forces and resources of the state against a humble peasant farmer who likes to milk his cows and share that milk with his dear friends.

The stage is set for the world premiere this Friday of "Milk Trial by Jury"

And as Symphony in Barn always likes to lighten things up with musical motifs, this Milk Trial will be enacted after the fashion of a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta. Continue reading

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Michael Schmidt’s new operetta “Milk Trial by Jury” debuts July 30th, 8pm at Symphony in the Barn, in Durham Ont.


Rehearsals in the Barn are already underway for operetta "Milk Trial by Jury"

Not many defendants mark their acquittal by staging a comic operetta.  But Michael Schmidt, dairy farmer, food activist, and artistic director of Symphony in the Barn, is far from ordinary. Continue reading


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Milk Trial By Jury opera July 30 – Aug 1

Here’s the latest from Ontario raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt:

Just-released promotional poster for the upcoming raw milk themed musical and dramatic production

This original operetta adaptation from the Gilbert and Sullivan version will be performed four times, Friday July 30th at 8pm, Saturday July 31 at 2pm and 8 pm, and Sunday August 1 at 2 pm, according to the information currently available. For details of the full Symphony in the Barn programme, see the website at www.symphonyinthebarn.com

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