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VAXXED playing Toronto until Sept. 1

Next Thursday, Sept. 1st, Vaxxed will wrap up a five-week run at Toronto’s Kingsway Theatre.  The doc is also being screened at the Imagine-Rainbow Cinema in Ottawa until Sept. 1.

The Toronto theatrical run began with four question and answer sessions with Dr. Wakefield and Brian Burrowes on July 29-30 (opening weekend).

Originally scheduled to play for one week only, the run was extended due to ongoing interest generated by word of mouth publicity.

More about the movie here.


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Science-based public policy being eroded in the Canada of 2013

From Carrie Saxifrage, in the Vancouver Observer:

Dr. Katie Gibbs, on Parliament Hill, speaking up for science. Photo via the Vancouver Observer

“Dr. Katie Gibbs has seen her colleagues at the University of Ottawa biology department realize that if anybody in Canada can stand up to the attacks on science, it’s the scientists themselves.

Last spring, as Dr. Gibbs finished up her PhD in conservation biology, the federal government passed Bill C-38, the omnibus legislation that weakened environmental laws such as the Fisheries Act. It also announced that it would cut funding to the Experimental Lakes Area, Canada’s huge contribution to world research on freshwater ecosystems.

These developments awoke the biology department to the need to speak up. They approached Dr. Gibbs, who they knew had attended some protests, and asked if she could help them organize something to bring attention to the devaluation of science by the federal government. Continue reading

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Raw milk on Daytime TV in Ottawa

Thanks to the Canadian Raw Milk Consumer Advocacy Group for publishing this first. Here’s a bit about who they are, from their blog: Continue reading

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Talking raw milk to the legislators

From Raw Milk Consumer.ca:

Raw milk rally Queen’s Park, Toronto, Oct. 2011, when Michael Schmidt was on a hunger strike.

Call to Action – within Ontario

Those of you in Ontario probably remember that past Premier Dalton McGuinty told Michael Schmidt, at the end of his hunger strike, that he could speak to caucus.  None of us knew that Premier McGuinty would not be in office for long.  Now we have a new Premier who is also our Agriculture Minister.  We need to reach out to her respectfully to ask for her help. Continue reading


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Ron Paul and “Milk War” movie at MNC conference in Ottawa March 7th to 9th

Here’s what they say about US Senator Ron Paul, who is speaking at the MNC conference in Ottawa this week:

From the 2012 MNC conference. Click image to see source of this image, plus more such photos.

“Ron Paul was a Republican primary candidate in the last US election, where he built a huge following among young online activists.

He is known as a libertarian-minded Republican – taking a tough line on debt and deficits while criticizing American foreign policy, the War on Drugs, and the Federal Reserve. He has also been characterized as the “intellectual godfather” of the Tea Party movement.

Paul served twelve terms in Congress, where he earned the nickname “Dr. No” by opposing anything not explicitly authorized in the U.S. Constitution.  Continue reading

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Interview with Ottawa-area raw milk farmer Jacqueline Fennell Conklin

Jacqueline with her husband and children on their Conavista dairy farm near Ottawa, Ontario.

The Bovine: Jacqueline, thanks for taking time to answer some questions for our readers, and also thanks for being open enough to publicly identify yourself as a raw milk farmer. It seems that you and Michael Schmidt are about the only raw milk farmers in Ontario who are willing to talk about what you do in print. Tell us a little about your and your family’s background in farming and how you came to be a raw milk producer.

Continue reading


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Cross Country raw milk check up cont’d — more November 23rd rally results

More new from yesterday’s raw milk rallies across the country:

At least four people took to the streets of Saskatoon with these colourful posters.

I’m sure there must have been more to the Saskatoon rally than that, but we seem to be in a bit of a news blackout just now. We’d love to know more of what went on. Anyone? Email thebovine AT gmx DOT com. Thanks! Continue reading

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Cross-country raw milk checkup — rallies ready to roll out tomorrow

From Charlene Bishop in Edmonton:

Poster for Nov. 23 raw milk events in Edmonton.

From Katy Helliwell (Regina):

OK, in Regina we are ready to go! Media and politicians in the know-check, posters made-check, speeches and speakers arranged-check, nice weather on its way-check so come on down to the Saskatchewan Legislature at noon on the 23rd. We need our collective voices to be heard so policies can begin to be reviewed and changed. Spread the word, see you there, thanks everyone!!

From Jan Steinman (Victoria, B.C.): Continue reading

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Nationwide raw milk rallies Nov. 23 in Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, St. John’s, Wolfville

From Margo McIntosh at Balance Your Apple (current as of Nov. 6):

“….November 23rd in Ontario – at 11 a.m. we are having a rally at Queens Park in Toronto – Michael is to bring a cow to milk (provided he is well).  If he can’t we will find another farmer to do it.  Organizers are Margo McIntosh at margo@balanceyourapple.com and Charlotte VanGenechten at gushue_8@sympatico.ca Continue reading

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Jacqueline Conklin plans raw milk rally for OMAFRA in Kemptville + Ottawa

These rallies will be part of the Nov. 23 rallies across Canada in support of raw milk. This story from Nick Gardiner, in “The Recorder and Times”:

Roebuck raw milk producer Jacqueline Conklin, seen in this 2010 file photo, is organizing a demonstration November 16 at the Kemptville OMAFRA office to support Durham producer Michael Schmidt, who faces renewed charges for selling raw milk off the farm. NICK GARDINER The Recorder and Times

“ROEBUCK — A local producer of raw milk is planning a protest next week to show support for a Durham-area farmer who faces renewed charges for distributing unpasteurized milk.

“We want to send a message to the provincial authorities that we are standing strong, country folks and city folks,” Jacqueline Conklin told The Recorder and Times Tuesday.

Conklin operates a cow-share program on the County Road 21 Conavista Farms she owns with her husband John that is based on a model established by Durham’s Michael Schmidt. Continue reading

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